3 Spotify Playlists to Boost your Energy in Winter

January 27 2023

3 Spotify Playlists to Boost your Energy in Winter

Among other things, music can be used to improve your mood, reduce stress and tension, and even help you memorize things. Check the three playlists which will boost your energy during winter time.

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How does music affect us?

Listening to music sets you in a specific mood. Turning on a love ballad just after a heart break will only increase the feeling of sadness. Latino rhythms encourage to dance and songs from the times you were young make you nostalgic.

Music can also help you relax and quiet down or, on the contrary, boost your energy and motivate you to action.

Blue Monday

Blue Monday (the most depressive day of the year, which falls at the end of January) is not a scientific term. This does not change the fact that January and February are not the most joyful months of the year. Short days, temperatures below zero and the lack of sunlight may negatively impact your mood and everyday functioning.

In order to prevent this, you might want to modify your everyday routine. Provide yourself with good quality sleep, ensure a healthy diet, supplement vitamins, go out for short walks and boost your energy, e.g. by listening to some music.

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3 playlists to boost energy in winter

Sing under the shower

Time goes by so slowly sang by Madonna is a perfect beginning of the playlist. The time goes slowly and you need to wake up to finish all the tasks? First of all, take a cold shower and, right away, feel like a Superstar. For a while, move to the city that never sleeps with Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and hit the high notes with the pop classic …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. After such a morning shower, going back to bed is out of the question. Complete this with a small espresso and the day will certainly become better.

Dance Party

You don’t feel like training? The gym is bursting with crowds during the first months of the year? Try dancing! Dance Party is just perfect for this. Can’t Get You out of My Head remix by Peggy Gou and B.O.T.A. are the opening tracks of the mix. The whole is rhythmic and the tempo of the playlist increases with time. This allows to adjust the intensity to your current capabilities and your fancy.

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Energy Booster: Rock

If you’re not a fan of pop and R&B, you have to add the Energy Booster Rock playlist to your favorites. Over six hours of heavier tracks include not only propositions for the morning, but for almost the entire day. Here, you will find such classics as I Was Made For Lovin’ You by KISS, as well as more modern tracks, e.g. I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE by Maneskin.

Everyone will find something to their fancy regardless of their taste. Choose one of the available playlists or create your own one on their basis. Turn on your favorite tracks just after getting up, on your way to work and always when you feel you need some motivation. Remember to switch to some calmer and relaxing musing during the second half of the day and in the evening. This will allow you to quiet down before going to sleep, which is very important.

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