Team leader position – for whom?

February 10 2023

Team leader position – for whom?

Team leader is a position which becomes more and more common both in large corporations and in smaller businesses. What are the characteristics, skills and traits of a good team leader?

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What does a team leader do?

Teams consist of employees of various characters and attitudes to their tasks. Their modes of working and motivations vary. It’s a team leader’s job to plan work in such a way that the goal can be reached together, without compromising a good working spirit.

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Team leader – what characteristics should they have?


The leader is responsible not only for themselves, but for the results of the entire team. They answer to their supervisor and are held accountable for the projects. Being responsible for a group of people and the results of the realized tasks is one of the key aspects of their work. If you can handle both success and failure, you are sure to fit the post.

Motivating others

We are all motivated by different things. Earnings, development, appreciation, the feeling that what we do matters for the company’s development. Your job is to verify motivations and choose the right tools, so that every member of your team feels satisfied and fulfilled. This is what makes employees do their jobs gladly. Remember that low motivation is one of the key factors in failing to deliver tasks diligently and in time.


Charisma is undoubtedly a quality most desired in a team leader. If your team sees a good guide in you, they will trust you more easily and they will be more efficient and better integrated.

Giving constructive criticism

Providing feedback – including a negative one – is one of the team leader’s duties. Such conversations aren’t always nice. Because of this, it is good to know how to conduct them, so that you don’t discourage your team, yet you give them clear guidance on how to improve particular areas.

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Communication skills

Giving clear and simple messages, solving problems and finding a way to combine two opposite points of view are much easier if you learn the rules of good communication.


As you know, even the best-planned project can change along the way. Sometimes priorities shift, for example when the deadline is moved to an earlier date. A team leader should be able to act in such a way that even under surprising circumstances, they know which tasks need to be done first. This quality also comes in handy when one of the employees is not able to work, and their tasks are reassigned to somebody else.

Can anyone become a team leader?

Have you read about the above requirements and you thought that a team leader’s job is not for you, because you don’t meet all of them? Don’t worry! Some of them can be learned. For sure, it is easier when you have the traits of a leader and natural charisma. At the same time, team management, providing feedback or motivating your team are skills you can learn.

Remember that soft skills should be developed continuously. Even if at first you don’t feel confident, with time you’ll get to know your team and you’ll find a way to communicate with them.

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