5 inspiring YouTube channels

July 15 2022

5 inspiring YouTube channels

YouTube left all other Internet platforms behind in terms of user time statistics a long time ago. This is the place to go to for learning, entertainment and tips on how to connect your printer. It’s also the place to find creators who inspire and support your personal development. Read on to see which ones we recommend and why!

Starting from wine trading through business scaling to personal development

Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are unfamiliar with this entrepreneur, author of bestsellers and internationally renowned expert – it’s high time to catch up. Vaynerchuk is famous most of all for being a digital marketing and social media expert and advising companies such as Uber, Facebook and Twitter. He is a keynote speaker at global conferences on entrepreneurship and technology, but also publishes recordings that discuss the most important things in all of us – gratitude, optimism, healthy relationships with surroundings and ourselves. It is difficult to recommend one particular clip, because something new is published every few weeks on average and despite the different level of casts, each and every one of these is worth your time, because Gary does not cease to surprise with accurate diagnoses.

Gifts of imperfection and praise of self-acceptance


Brené Brown american psychologist, writer and lecturer at the University of Houston. She works with research on the authenticity of experiences and commitment, as well as emotions that affect all spheres of life. She is recognized as one of the fifty most influential women of 2009, she regularly speaks at conferences and events popularizing knowledge about the psyche and behaviors, often challenging generally recognized dogmas and showing how quickly the reality that surrounds us forces us to change our view of basic issues in professional and personal life.

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Former monk teaches how to care about ties in a relationship

Jay ShettyEnglish writer of Indian descent, former Hindu monk, host of the podcast On Purpose, where he discusses topics related to mental and physical health, relations and self-actualization, among others. His vision is to disseminate knowledge in accessible, appropriate and practical way. He is an ‘apostle’ of reading and considers books to be one of the most important inventions of humanity. Firstly, it is worth to see the video ‘How To READ A Book A Day To CHANGE YOUR LIFE’, as well as at least some of his clips on motivation, wisdom, love and relationships. What distinguishes Jay is his speech style and behavior in front of the camera, which will definitely not let you get bored.

Motivation is everything and I have evidence to prove it!

Tom Bilyeu’s achievements are slightly different from those mentioned above, but give him some time. His channel presents people and ideas that will help accomplish various life goals. There you will learn how to improve your way of thinking, develop leadership skills in business and personal life, and also how to release your creative potential or… shape your dream physique. More empty motivational speeches? First check it out for yourself. On Tuesdays he posts interviews with successful people such as entrepreneurs, athletes and more, and on Thursdays – with the best experts in the field of health. Topics? Most varied – from ego, dealing with failures, staying true to values, to beauty, ambitions, problems with the law and weight loss. Bilyeu does not know any taboo subjects, so some materials can be watched with bated breath.

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Psychology, self-discipline, relationships and… metaphysics

Teal Swan, therapist, bestsellers author and speaker is the most controversial character from all the previously mentioned ones. This is mainly due to her interest in broadly understood metaphysics and sometimes quite radical judgments. However, she cannot be denied in-depth knowledge of the human psyche, interactions and relationship paradigms in a relationship. Despite all the “new age” coat that is present in her recordings, you can learn, among other things, that…self-discipline is the primary path to happiness and satisfaction with life, as well as how to quickly and effectively become independent from other people’s opinions about yourself. And these are just the first in a series of surprising insights.

The five people listed above differ greatly from each other, but they all share the love for sharing experience. Regardless of whether they acquired knowledge at the best universities or gained experience from their colorful and often difficult life, they share valuable tips that can help you live in harmony with yourself and build better relations with the surroundings.

We recommend exploring their achievements, posted in the form of recordings on YouTube, as well as podcasts and book publications.

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