5 Tips on How to Professionally Prepare for the Recruitment Process 

July 22 2022

5 Tips on How to Professionally Prepare for the Recruitment Process 

Recruitment is stressful for both sides of the process. Neither candidates nor recruiters are able to predict who, when and on what conditions will join the team. Meetings that are supposed to select the best candidates are also filled with moments of tension. What to do to make the recruitment process smoother? 

It is surely worth preparing thoroughly for the first contact. How?

Get to know the company you are applying to

It is just appropriate to know which company you are sending your CV to, right? It is also worth to know its location, industry, offer and most important competitors. Spend a few minutes on research preparation: it will be worth it. Each recruiter will appreciate that after receiving an e-mail or telephone call, you know who is contacting you and on whose behalf. Even if you are very engaged in looking for a job and send dozens of CVs, don’t let it show that you don’t know it. You are answering the phone call from a recruiter, and your search engine has one of those days? Ask them to repeat the name as you have poor network range and promise to call back in a moment. Once you get ready, of course keep your word.

Take care of the form and style of correspondence 

Regardless of how informally the job offer you are applying for looks like, make sure that your application allows you to be associated with professionalism and style. Take care of an elegant form of your application documents, clear writing style and linguistic correctness of the e-mails that you send. You do not have to prepare your CV in Canva, but it is always worth trying to take care of uniform typeface, equal spacing and an aesthetic design of the whole. Online applications that correct most spelling and punctuation errors have been around for a long time, and will help you take care of your image at no cost. 

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E-mail title is important! 

Recruiters often ask in their offers to include the name of the position and reference number in the e-mail header. Not without reason! Thousands of e-mails are sent to their inboxes every day and this simple procedure allows them to filter out the right ones. Moreover, this request is often used by them as a kind of a mini reading comprehension test.  

‘Elevator speech’ instead of a cover letter

Cover letters are getting out of date, but you will often be asked to write a few words about yourself in an e-mail. The lack of such e-mail equivalent of the “elevator speech” will not blight your candidacy, but it will certainly lower your position in the selection process. Such self-presentation does not have to be rewritten every single time. It should become your personal “mission and vision”, the formulation of which is worth spending some time on. And later on you can use it on the occasion of the next recruitment process.

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They recruit you… the way they see you

If you want to add a photo in your CV (there is no such obligation), make it current and… be sure it says the best about you. Do you normally have blue hair and wear nose rings? Currently, that is not problem, but signal it if you do not intend to change your appearance when you start working. The confusion of a potential employer with your appearance during a Meet or live interview is definitely not the best idea for the first contact. 

Do you attach a holiday photo to your CV? We do not recommend it. Even the most impressive image should not be a determinant of employment (or not), and in many positions a professional image is one of the key requirements. Think about it as well. You don’t have to wear a tie, but your appearance should absolutely match the company and the nature of work.

The above-mentioned guidelines for applicants are, of course, the “basics” of preparing an application. Contrary to popular opinions, it is not a simple task at all, and it is always worth showing the effect to a trusted person so that they could evaluate it. Once your potential employer invites you for an interview, make sure to confirm your arrival. It is also information – about your communication skills and elementary socializing level. On many positions, those are crucial skills.

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