Where to Look for a Marketing Job? Groups, Meetings, Portals

April 14 2023

Where to Look for a Marketing Job? Groups, Meetings, Portals

Marketing jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Development opportunities, good money and free, easily available sources of knowledge for sure make this career path rather appealing. What are the best places to look for offers? 

Co-working promotes new acquaintances. It may well turn out that an employee or an owner of a marketing agency you wanted to apply to works at the desk next to yours. Meeting new people in such places facilitates professional development – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

If you’re looking for a marketing job, first be sure to specify the area you want to specialize in. Social media, copywriting, paid campaigns, SEO or maybe PR activities? You need to also think where you’ll feel most at home – a big corporation, a start-up, a small company, or perhaps a company’s in-house marketing department? Once these matters are settled, start looking for your dream job!


RocketJobs is a portal that specializes in marketing job postings and many more. There are postings divided by categories such as SEO, marketing, e-commerce, performance or content. Most of them come with salary brackets, company description and the scope of responsibilities. What’s important, the app is very easy to use. It is done through a portal, where you upload our resume and add your name, e-mail address and a short message. It’s also a good idea to follow them on Facebook, because the postings presented in the posts are grouped by categories, but also by potential earnings (for example above 10,000).

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Pracuj.pl is one of the most popular recruitment portals. We can find many postings there, not just marketing ones. Due to its range many large corporations post their offers there. An easy to use app and customizable search will make the whole process easy.

Facebook groups

If you’re a freelancer or you’re looking for a full time job, it is worthwhile to join a thematic Facebook group. Every week in the Industry Chicks group a post is published: Looking for/will give a job. You can also see:

Social Media Marketing – work/commissions in Poland

Work in Marketing Advertising PR Media from RocketJobs.pl

Work in Social Media

MARKETING – work, internships, practices, junior positions🇵🇱🇪🇺

Copywriter wanted – copy commissions

Work in the media (with brackets)


Linkedin is a business portal. Building up your account, expanding your contact network and publications can definitely help you find a job. Apart from standard offers, it is worthwhile to fill in your profile, invite the industry people and be active in the comment section. A post about the search for the new position and listing your skills can also prove to be rather effective.

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Whether you are just taking your first steps in the industry, or you are a veteran specialist, the methods listed above are all a great way to get a new job or meet the people form the industry. Make sure to also pick free events, conferences and lectures, to use your networking to its full potential.

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