Five Uses of Social Media in Everyday Work

August 5 2022

Five Uses of Social Media in Everyday Work

Social media have long become more than just a form of entertainment. They are widely known as an effective marketing communication channel and useful tools for data gathering. Still nearly 30% of employers in Poland do not allow using them at work. Apparently they don’t know yet how effective social media can be in strictly business applications.

Thanks to “Digital Career Evolution” report by from 2021, we know that over two thirds of Poles use social media at least once a week, also while at work. What are social media good for, and what are their professional applications?

Building and maintaining relationships

Much has changed in this matter in recent years, however still over 35% of the respondents claim that browsing Facebook during office hours is frowned upon in their companies. However, social media can be a very efficient tool for work, for example when you are prospecting for or acquiring new clients or talented candidates. Dialogue is the very nature of social media, so it is hardly surprising that making new contacts and maintaining the existing relationships are their most common use. Customer service employees, sales representatives and recruiters were the first to harness this potential to increase the effectiveness of their actions. Mostly because social media let you start a conversation in an informal, organic way.

Information gathering

Market research has become easier than ever thanks to social media. Both official and unofficial information published online by employees and clients alike is readily available. You can search for particular phrases, follow promising companies or persons or look for new solutions – everything is possible. All it takes is a dozen or so hours a month devoted to browsing such services as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. The platforms that are less often associated with professional activity, like Instagram or TikTok, can also work in certain sectors. As a result, you can be saved from entering a relationship with a company infamous for late payments, or discover mysterious gaps in candidates’ resumes. 

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Employer Branding 

Employer image has always been an important factor for a competitive advantage, but the advent of social media made it possible to communicate it so efficiently – and also in an informal fashion. The last couple years made everyone realize that social media are very effective in marinating relationships between employees and employer by blurring the lines between the private and professional lives. Internal groups of employees with common interest, or meetings and discussions in smaller teams, are examples of the most popular applications of social media in building employee experience. Social media, like no other channel of communication, can let you present your company’s human face, by organizing charitable events or opinion polling.

Sources of Current Industry Knowledge

Is your company introducing an innovative solution? Or perhaps it is just entering the market? Maybe you’ve just launched a project with a new and awesome team? Where are you going to brag about it? That’s right… Constant vigil over social media is currently the most efficient source of information concerning your industry, the market and competition. Even if you invest in professional tools for internet monitoring, it is thanks to social media channels that you’ll learn the industry latest news before professional industry services even publish them. All it takes is to be a part of the right groups and forums, follow the right hashtags and be able to recognize deliberate misinformation. Thanks to social media you can be the best-informed person in the entire company. And that will never hurt you career development and promotion prospects.

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From their very beginning, social media have been used by both sides of the recruitment process. Nowadays, most people looking for work begin with browsing the social media. Although job posting services are still number one, almost every offer is immediately reposted on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter as well as in the industry social media services. Additionally, an informal, often funny form of the job postings on Instagram of TikTok make them more memorable and more likely to be shared. Thus, they reach more people. 

To sum up – social media should certainly be consciously included in everyday work tasks, in a planned manner. They can serve as sources of information, communication platforms and a tool for maintaining relationships. They can also support the recruitment process and secure better customer service. Not to mention their strictly marketing applications, about which you can read in another post of ours.

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