How to maintain good relationships with clients

April 21 2023

How to maintain good relationships with clients

At the very beginning of running their business, many entrepreneurs focus mostly on new client acquisition. However, it is good to take care of the relationships with clients you already have, and focus a bit on retaining them. How can you do it? Read on.

– Having live meetings with customers is a fantastic way to bring you closer together. Conversations over coffee, presentation, grabbing a lunch, and spending some quality time together will make your clients feel special. State-of-the art conference rooms in coworking spaces make such meeting so much easier – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Learn the client types

First learn the client types, and define how to communicate with each of them. Some will value good atmosphere and a friendly chat, others will expect insight, expert knowledge and professional attitude, and yet another group will notice a nice gesture and then gladly let you handle all their business. It is a very important point, which will be helpful throughout all your activities.

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Don’t lose touch

To maintain relationships you need to stay in touch with your clients. There are many ways to do it. The easiest one to remind your clients that you’re around is through social media. Maintaining your own Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok accounts or regularly sending out your newsletter to your current and potential clients will make them up-to-date with everything new going on, they’ll learn about discounts and are likely to come back for more. Be where they are. Define your target group and read reports on social media characteristics.


Clients like talking to people, not robots. If you want to maintain good relationship with a client, you need to put a human face on your communication. Try to note down or remember the key pieces of information, personalize your messages and address your clients by name, send them birthday wishes, and generally make them feel special.

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Holidays, birthdays, special occasions – gifts

If you work in services and you don’t have that many clients, it is generally a good practice to send them small gifts on major holidays and special occasions. With limited budget, an e-mail will work great as well, as long as it contains personalized graphic and heartfelt wishes. Such actions will bring you and your client closer together. With e-commerce activities it is a good idea to ask about your client’s date of birth as they set up their account, or you can create a special dedicated newsletter. A message with the best wishes and product discount is a great practice.

Providing value

Sales are paramount for companies – this goes without saying. However, clients require a little more. Apart from your offer presentation remember to patiently answer all the questions clients may have, provide specialized customer service, organize thematic webinars or courses, giving free consultation (for example once a year as a part of a competition), offer new solutions or put together cross-promotion with your partners. Being proactive is recommended, especially at the early stages of your business development and towards the most involved recipients.

To maintain good client relationships it is always good to have an action plan and think what you can do to take care of them. Defining your budget, tools and team capabilities is a first step towards the development of your company and benefiting from long term relationships.

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