What do millennials love about co-working?

June 18 2019

What do millennials love about co-working?

They are a true challenge in the job market. Striving to reach a work-life balance, voicing their needs and bold enough to quit if their expectations are not met. Millennials’ requirements for their workplaces include perfect location, technological facilities and flexibility… Co-working is usually where they find it all. Why?


The generation of millennials is often called the “3T” (technology, talent, tolerance). They are talented, handle new technologies perfectly and expect tolerance from their boss and workplace. They live fast, value creativity and originality. A workplace should be adjusted to their needs. Co-working offices with their designer interiors, excellent technological and social facilities, as well as flexible working hours became the best solution for them.

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Like two halves of an orange

These days it is not the employee who must adjust to the office but rather the other way round. It’s not about desks or chairs that will allow working long hours at the computer. This is already a standard. Workspaces have to include designated zones for relaxation, meetings with vendors or silence. Business consultation rooms, chill-out rooms or even wellness rooms are no longer a surprise and have even become features of a good workplace.

Perks of self-development

Millennials value self-development. Constant training courses, conferences and meet-ups are in their DNA. Persons born in the 80s and 90s want to have the largest possible influence on their professional careers and live their lives to the fullest. The times when the employees acted only for the company are gone. Millennials want mutually beneficial relationships.

Winds of change

The “Y” generation is in love with changes. Young people like action, are willing to take risks and see no hazard in novelties. They even seek novelties themselves. Millennials quickly get bored and are eager to take up challenges. They also embrace diversity. According to them, it should be possible to individualize a workplace. That is why they often rent co-working offices that may be adjusted to their own needs.

Creativity for a start

An ideal workplace for millennials is a creative space that stimulates action. This is exactly what co-working provides. A modern, designer office motivates and inspires new ideas. It also improves well-being at work and satisfaction with one’s professional life.

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Smart working

Impact on where and how much they work is what the young generation wants. That is why they expect flexibility from their workplace. Fast Internet and benefits are not enough anymore. Their perfect office is a space that may be individualized and adjusted to their own needs, but most importantly a space that gives them a choice. Working at times matched to a person’s lifestyle is said to give more energy, motivation and improve effectiveness.

The “2016 Millennial Survey. Winning over the next generation of leaders” reports that by 2025 millennials will constitute 75% of the world’s workforce. Is this good? Yes! The “Y” generation is all out at work, no compromise. That is why millennials are transforming the job market and working style.

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