How to avoid occupational burnout?

December 5 2019

How to avoid occupational burnout?

Stress, chronic fatigue, decline in form and an “empty” head? Sounds familiar? It’s means that you are on the verge of developing a burnout syndrome. Want to know how to avoid it? Keep on reading.

Break is a must

Did you know that each hour of work should be followed by a 5-minute break? During an 8-hour working day you are entitled to one longer break. Instead of eating in a hurry in front of your computer, step outside and grab some coffee. Clear your mind, give your eyes a rest, so when you get back to the office, you can be more productive.

Take a moment to think

More and more duties? Suddenly everyone asks you questions and wants you to help them? You are doing great, so your boss is giving you more and more responsibilities? It needs to stop. To many responsibilities stress you out. At the beginning of your career path determine how many hours a week you can assign to other tasks. If anything is out of scope, just say it out loud. Being assertive really pays off.

Did you know…

Occupational burnout is considered a lifestyle disease of the 21th century.

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The importance of sleep

Some people think that sleep is wasting time, because ‘you’ll sleep when you are dead.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. The lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your wellbeing and people with chronic fatigue are more prone to develop burnout syndrome. According to scientists from University of California, a few nights with insufficient sleep hours or one sleepless night can make our minds work similarly to minds of neurotic people.

– To maintain balance it is also important to take short naps, so-called power naps. ‘In one of Solutions.Rent coworking spaces, Ethos, you can take a nap even during your working hours in a special space – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Focus on your health

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” – everyone knows this proverb. Those words, repeated for years, are the best recommendation to start taking care about your physical fitness. Out-of-work activities, sport and balanced diet reduce stress levels and have a positive impact on the body. This in turn affects your attitude towards work and your productivity.

Offline? All-inclusive!

You work all year to… buy a car, an apartment, to get promoted? Don’t you think that “to have a perfect vacation” would be a better answer? Do not give up your holiday leave. It is your right and should even be treated as your duty. Take at least one long leave in a year and some shorter ones. Travel. You’ll find out that relaxation and a change of surroundings are the best solutions for stress and fatigue.

Did you know…

Stress has a negative impact on the endocrine system. You need at least a week of rest to allow your endocrine system to regain its balance and stop producing cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline.

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Work-life balance

People with occupational burnout symptoms often do not have life outside of work. I hope that we don’t have to convince you that is exists and that it’s really fun. Enjoy it. Spend time on meeting your loved ones, pursuing your passion, self-development. Hobby allows your to relax, but also develops your imagination and creativity.

– In Solutions.Rent, we promote the idea of occupational health and work-life balance. When we are stressed and tired, our motivation and work productivity drop automatically. We are not able to finish all of our tasks, so we work overtime. Days seem to be shorter and shorter and we find ourselves caught in a vicious circle. We are a step away from occupational burnout – says Marta Kamińska.

During the day, our tenants can play billiards, read books and magazines available and simply have a coffee and make a call in special places in our spaces. Both coworking spaces are in the city center, so it’s easier to step outside for a quick lunch – she adds.

Reasonably manage your leisure time and don’t spend it on work; have a good night’s sleep, take a rest and try to use common sense when it comes to your duties. Remember to maintain a healthy distance from your work, it’ll surely help you.

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