GEN Z at work – how to cooperate with the younger generation?

March 10 2023

GEN Z at work – how to cooperate with the younger generation?

Gen Z, also called “zoomers,” are the generation of people born between 1995 and 2012. Some of them are just entering the job market, others have been present there for quite some time. Every generation has its own characteristics. What can be learned from them and how to ensure that cooperation with them is fruitful? Read on.

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Gen Z has perfect orientation in the digital world. They enthusiastically embrace modern technology from a very young age, they can navigate social media with ease and are quick to make friends all over the world. There is a widespread belief that they are spoiled and they lack humility, also regarding professional matters. Is that really so?

They are not afraid to stand their ground

Their curiosity about the world and their abilities resulting form efficiently navigating the web make Gen Z approach professional matters in a different way than older generations. They are not afraid to express their opinions, fight for good working conditions or their comfort. They usually do not get attached to a company for life and they have no problem quitting when a workplace fails to meet their expectations. This is something to consider when starting work with them. This should not be perceived as a drawback, though, but rather as something to learn and draw inspiration from. Their ease in expressing their thoughts and their courage in facing challenges allow them to make companies even better for everyone.

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Personal development and independence

The things that are attractive for this generation include the opportunity to work remotely, the use of language skills and ample opportunities for development. What they find important is not only a high salary and extra benefits but also the space for growth. When working with young people, it is important to remember – give them the space to make their own decisions and support them in learning new skills. In return, they will provide excellent work quality and original ideas.

The desire to change the world

“Zoomers” are a group of people who are eager to get involved in any topics that have a real impact on the world around them. They are more willing to choose tasks that have a deeper meaning to them. They take risks, they are brave and independent, they want to face challenges on their own – something that is closely connected with personal development. Companies that focus on improving conditions across the world are ideal for this generation.

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Open dialogue

Gen Z has a high awareness of the need to look after one’s health, including mental health. They are interested in effective communication, they are open to dialogue and conflict resolution. This is an excellent quality which is especially useful for teamwork. We don’t have to worry about things getting swept under the rug or about constant fighting.

Working with younger people can be demanding but also highly motivating. Being inspired by their approach to tasks, high creativity and fresh perspective on the world ensures original ideas and an entirely new quality of teamwork.

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