Five Rules of Multinational Team Work

March 3 2023

Five Rules of Multinational Team Work

Working in a multinational team is becoming more and more common. It is an excellent way to learn new skills, as well as an opportunity for personal development, however it requires following particular rules and mastering particular skills.

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A responsible manager

The role of a manager in a multinational team comes with a great responsibility. They need to know every person well, be mindful of how they work, pay attention to cultural differences and potential challenges arising from speaking different languages. Some conflicts result form misunderstandings. Should that be the case, it is best to clear the mix-up right away and let yourself be guided by the person who is best equipped to do that.

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Language barrier

In a multinational company, we usually speak English. However, you need to remember that in some situations language nuances may make communication harder. Keeping that in mind, you should always learn, listen to others speak and approach every conversation calmly. The beginnings can be daunting, but the more people we meet, the easier it will become to write, and to talk to other people.

Cultural differences

Even if we don’t pay particular attention to it, we are different regarding the culture we were born into. For some, it will be natural to simply ask “how was your day” before sending you a task assignment. Learning about cultures and protocols within the company is a key to avoiding frustration. If you familiarize yourself with the customs and routines of your colleagues, you can develop not only in the professional but also personal area.

Distance to yourself

Even when working in a familiar environment, speaking your native tongue, we are unable to avoid uncomfortable situations or misunderstandings altogether. There is nothing wrong or surprising with it. Such situations are bound to become more common when English is not your native tongue, and when you find certain customs weird. In such inevitable cases, taking yourself not quite seriously may come in handy. We all make errors and mistakes, so a large dose of empathy towards others can also help.

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Understand your strengths

Although we may all come from different countries, personal strengths are a universal concept. Learning about talents and personalities will allow for a better cooperation. You can do this by taking a Gallup’s Test or a personality test.

Despite its many challenges, a multinational team is a great experience. Apart from professional advantages, it provides many personal benefits, like making friendships that often carry on outside the office, travels to various interesting places as well as providing opportunity to find a better job in the future.

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