Five simple rules – employee advocacy

March 5 2021

Five simple rules – employee advocacy

Each employee could be the best influencer promoting your company. Why? They are engaged, loyal, and above all – you can trust them. They know the industry like nobody else and their opinions are honest. Find the best brand ambassadors and secure employee advocacy for yourself.

Employee advocacy initiatives are highly effective and cost-efficient for the employer. The impact of content that employees publish in social media is up to ten times greater than that which originates from company profiles. It is vital to remember that the essence of employee advocacy is mutual benefit for both the employer and the employee. Therefore it is crucial to train employees and determine the advantages of such actions and convince them that “you’re in the same boat” – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha from More Bananas.

Develop a strategy

Coining your own strategy is always a good idea. What information do you want to publish, who do you want to reach, what do you want to achieve? How many publications do you want to have and which employees should publish them? Answer such questions and then discuss it openly with selected employees. Such a plan will help you to organize your activities.

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Focus on being natural

Do not create any content for your employees. Let them roam free and trust that what they will publish in social media will be of good quality and well-adjusted to the target audience. You may suggest the topics for their posts or provide copywriting training.

Ensure engagement

Nothing motivates employees more than being rewarded for doing a good job. You may introduce elements of competition between your project team members and encourage them to be more active by providing bonuses. It does not have to be additional money! You can just as well give them a voucher for selected products or services. Rest assured that audience of such posts will see engagement.

Personal brands

Make sure that your employees can build their own personal brands. If they manage to create an expert image in social media, this is a win-win situation for you. When an employee builds their own brand, the company benefits from content sprawling with knowledge. The stronger their personal brands, the better their employee advocacy ranges and more trust for the brand. Do not forget that investing in your employees means investing in the company.

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Did you know…

A person with an extensive social media network will be the best ambassador. It is good if this person is up to date with current events and interested in what is happening at the company. Do not forget that a person who is leaving the company, but still has a good opinion about the brand – makes the brand image even more reliable.

Not only online

What happens in social media should be reflected in reality. Conferences, trainings, industry events, meetings – your brand’s ambassadors should be there. You can achieve the best results by maintaining consistency between social media image-building activities, winning new contacts in a proactive manner, building substantive content and offline presence.

According to LinkedIn research, 58% of people are more likely to choose a company with employees who express their opinions in social media. Opinions published by employees are one of the most credible sources of information about the brand. No wonder that they are a magnet also for business partners and those who would want to participate in the recruitment process.

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