Five rules for good onboarding

June 12 2020

Five rules for good onboarding

According to the studies performed by the Wynhurst Group, employee attrition is highest during the first four months. As many as 22% of the newly employed leave just 45 days after signing their contract. Aberdeen Group reports that 91% of the employees would like to stay with the company if the employer takes good care of them at the initial stage. This shows that onboarding is really important How to make sure it’s performed just the way it should be? We have some tips for you!

– Draft a universal template and onboarding checklist. These will be of much help, especially if you have several recruitment processes in the pipeline. “If your company employs people both full-time and on a project-related basis, you can draft several onboarding templates”, says Sławomir Nowak from More Bananas.

Start early

People usually associate onboarding with their first day at work, while it should actually start already at the interview stage. Providing the basic information about the company, answering the candidate’s questions or an e-mail to explain the formalities will give you a good head start. This way the employer brand builds its image and trust among the workforce, allowing the employee to adapt to the new environment more quickly.

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Did you know…

Onboarding a new employee should follow the “4 Cs”:

  • compliance – legal and administrative matters (contracts), all technical aspects (access to e-mail, instant messaging);
  • culture – rules the company follows in its daily operations;
  • clarification – mission and vision of the company, tasks of the new employee;
  • connection – integration, welcome e-mail, anything that will make the employee feel part of the team.

Focus on communication

The time between the interview and first day of work should be focused on precise and personalized communication. You can slowly start to introduce the new employee to the company’s culture. A message with the most important news from the life of the company will boost the new employee’s confidence that their future employer has not forgotten about them and that they are a welcome addition to the team. Building good rapport is key.

Organize a demo day

First day at work should be all about fitting in with the surroundings. A demo day will surely help the new employee to do exactly that. During such a day both the candidate and employer may see whether they’d really like to work together.

Technicalities matter. Prepare a workstation for the new employee – a desk, chair, all the necessary equipment. A notepad and pen will also come in handy.

Did you know…

A buddy is a person that helps the new guy fit in with their new environment at work. One of the team members becomes the new hire’s buddy, introduces them to other employees or asks them out for coffee.

Make them a gift

Onboarding that builds a good first impression is remembered and may contribute to building a positive opinion about the brand. Why not get a small gift for the new hire? Sometimes a set of company merchandise will be enough to make someone feel good in their new environment.

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Offer to get to know each other better

A teambuilding game or going out together to get a coffee are the perfect way to break the ice. This way the new employee may get to know other people, the work environment and the team’s rules.

A good impression is important both in your private and professional life. Professional onboarding reduces employee attrition, boosts good cooperation, makes establishing rapport easier and the new hire usually identifies with the brand, they are happy with their new job and more efficient.

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