7 ways to remain focused at work

August 13 2021

7 ways to remain focused at work

Problems with concentration affect almost every person in the world every day. They bother us especially at work, making it difficult for us to focus on a given subject. How to prevent them, bearing in mind that the brain can deal with only one topic at a time and the so-called multitasking is in fact switching between individual tasks? Learn about a few techniques!

Start from your own back

Sitting in a comfortable position affects thinking quality. It’s not a joke. Switching your chair for a more comfortable one can improve your current wellbeing to such an extent that you will be able to carry out creative and analytic tasks much faster, without redundant microbreaks caused by backpain while sitting at your desk. The latter plays a crucial role, too. To start with, check if the counter at which you work is not too low. This is the most common mistake that results in stooping, immediate fatigue and difficulty with remaining focused on the tasks you are performing.

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Clean up your desk and get rid of “distractors”

Whether you believe it or not – your mind does not like mess. In order to facilitate concentration, remove all redundant objects from your field of vision including your telephone, as it takes the well-deserved first place amongst distractors. If you need it to perform your task – put the phone in a drawer and take it out only when it is necessary. Disable notifications, switch it to a mute mode and – if you have to – use it only during a break.

Schedule breaks

Most of us work the most efficiently in cycles lasting less than an hour. After 30-45 minutes it is worth taking a 5-10-minute break and spending it away from any displays. Switching from a quarterly report to social networks is not a good solution. The necessary condition of a rest is a shift, so it is better to spend the time looking at the trees behind a window than to absorb additional redundant information. 

Sometimes I can see that people using our office space spend their breaks on posting and updating in their social networks. I know from experience that it is not a rest. I personally recommend some physical activity. It can be a round of pool in our relaxation zone, but yet a better idea would be to take some fresh air on a superb terrace or a walk in the Royal Bath. Even in the vicinity of Warsaw’s tallest office buildings you can find a small spot of greenery to please the eye. After returning it is worth rehydrating or supporting youself with a cup of good coffee and get back to work. – says Marta Kamińska of Solutions.rent.

Computer OSH

Clean the desktop – leave only the app shortcuts you use at work. Put documents into folders instead of keeping them separately. Name each of the files starting with an indication of the project they refer to. Try including key terms of a given document in the name – you will probably use them in a year’s time to find the file. Avoid creating subfolders, as going into details of subsequent catalogue tiers takes a lot of time and accidental findings additionally deconcentrate.

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Water and wholesome snacks

First – a properly hydrated body means a more efficiently working brain. Second – if you start feeling hungry, water will help you drown out a stomach rumbling, which will let you finish a task and go to have something to eat. Third – if there is still some time left until lunch and your task is piling up like an eight-thousander, have some wholesome munchies, such as some dry fruit, which you can chew when using the keyboard. 

Let your surroundings know you need to concentrate

People in your vicinity make it impossible for you to concentrate? Are they really aware that you need some quiet? Let your colleagues know you are about to carry out a task requiring some quiet and that nobody should bother you during deep work. It is amazing how few people do it and yet we all need it.

Nothing new? Then it’s high time to implement these tips and enjoy better efficiency at work. If it turns out to be fully impossible, let’s at least take the liberty of leaving our workplace for a while and get some fresh air. After all, nobody needs convincing that an underoxidized brain works poorly.

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