5 essential conditions for safe online shopping

October 21 2022

5 essential conditions for safe online shopping

Everyone nowadays has to know the rules of safe online shopping. Even if you’ve been shopping online occasionally so far, it’s worth learning how to ensure peace and satisfaction while doing so. Perhaps your knowledge will be useful to someone around you? Read more and find out for yourself!

Always try to choose e-commerce websites that have been operating for a long time

Most often, they offer the largest selection among sellers, and also guarantee security when buying there. Large platforms usually verify sellers regularly, log every transaction and provide customer service if necessary. In addition, some of them provide a refund if you do not receive the ordered goods or when the received goods differ significantly from what was presented in the offer.

Check the reviews of each seller

The opinions of previous customers are an important source of knowledge about the credibility of the seller. Reliable e-merchants will even want to make it easier for buyers to access such information. If the online store does not provide buyers’ statements about the service process, completion date and quality – be careful. Look for them on the forums, and if they are not here – find a more reliable seller.

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Trust only proven internet payment operators

In a nutshell – the point is to be able to log into the banks’ transaction systems while shopping, and your credibility left no doubts to the other party. If the seller does not use the services of operators, he sent the account number by e-mail – you should be vigilant.

The beginning of the e-shop address should start with “https”

… because it means that the transaction takes place with the use of encryption. Just read carefully what you see on the left side of your browser window. If there is the above abbreviation (ending with the letter “s”!) – the transaction will not be watched by anyone unauthorized, and yours are safe. It is also worth checking the validity of the security certificate by clicking on the padlock symbol next to it. The certificate should be issued to the domain of the payment operator. If it differs even by one character, take a screenshot just in case and better give up the purchase.

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Think twice before paying by card on the store’s website.

You know that starting a fake e-shop is not the slightest problem, right? Therefore, consider the purchase if someone asks for information about the card number, its expiry date, the first and last name of the holder, CVV2 or CVC2 or 3d Secure codes. Just make sure that this data does not fall into the hands of fraudsters. If you are not able to – withdraw from the purchase. You always have the right to do so.

These five principles are the basic requirements for safe online shopping. If you still suspect that you have been deceived, report the suspected crime to the nearest police or prosecutor’s office. Describe in detail and provide at least the seller’s details and the address of the website where the “transaction” took place. The account number to which the money was transferred and confirmation of the transfer will also be useful. If the seller corresponded with you – keep (and pass to the authorities) all messages, including confirmation of the transaction. Also, do not forget to notify your bank about the situation and the submitted notification. You can get your money back thanks to the complaint. Is it worth warning other potential buyers? Certainly yes, but focus on the facts and make sure that your opinion does not make someone unpleasant due to the usual delay in delivery.

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