7 best ways to relax after work

May 20 2019

7 best ways to relax after work

You work a lot till late. Doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate worker or run your own business and rent a co-working space. After work, you are so tired you don’t feel like doing anything. How to change this? Learn 7 ways to relax that will make you feel better.

Y like Yoga

Yoga will calm you down and relax after work. You can either go to a fitness club or practice at home. If you choose the latter, start with basic exercises. Balasana, which is a child pose calms you down brilliantly. Kneel on the floor, sit on your heels with slightly spread knees. Inhale. Then place your stomach on your thighs and put your head on the floor. Place your arms alongside your legs and palms up. Breathe slowly and try not think about responsibilities.

M like mindfullness

Mindfullness, is often associated with mediation. Of course, you can take a pillow and start meditating. When sat down with your eyes closed, try to focus on breathing. Don’t think about anything else. If you find this boring, you can try different exercises such as the raisin method which is the most popular one. Take a raisin and try to eat it very slowly engaging all your senses. Look at it closely, take it with your hands, feel its skin, smell it. Take it slowly to your mouth, see what you feel on your tongue and palate, don’t chew it for a moment. Try to eat the raisin with the greatest awareness you can. Was it good?

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N like nature

Go for a walk. Go to a park, a forest or even better – leave the city! Being surrounded by nature calms you down and relaxes. You will breath in fresh air, hear birds singing, lay down on green grass and eventually come back to the city filled with new energy. This is a proven way to relax.

O like offline

Nowadays being offline is really difficult. You are going to meet with your friends for a coffee and before you even make it to the place you grab your phone, turn on Google Maps, you send a message on WhatsApp saying you will be late and then you buy a parking ticket through an app. When you are there, you show your friends the latest pictures, Google something and… you are online all the time. STOP IT! Turn the Internet off and put your phone at the bottom of your bag or backpack. See how much joy a simple conversation can bring.

P like power nap

You must have heard about power nap, which is a short nap that allows you to charge batteries during the day. You sleep for no longer than 20 minutes, such a nap reduces stress and relaxes. After work, pull down the blinds and try to fall asleep. Set your alarm and when it goes off – get up and enjoy being in good mood and having more energy.

Did you know that…?

Regular naps reduce stress and risk of a heart attack. Thanks to them you are healthier, have more energy and …you become more efficient at work. It really pays off!

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A like alone

You are surrounded by other people all day. At work, in public transport, during language or fitness classes. Spend the evening alone. Being alone is not difficult. Try to read a book, play your favorite music or a Netflix show. Understand that you are not supposed to be 100% efficient all the time. Sometimes it’s worth to stop for a while and relax alone.

P like physical activity

You spend most of the day in front of a computer? Engage into a good physical activity after work. You don’t have to start with half marathons or squash. Pick a sport that you enjoy. Do you want to try climbing? Go for it. Do you prefer dancing? Great! As much as 15 minutes of physical activity a day improves blood circulation and gives you more energy. You stop thinking about problems and your body start to look better. What more would you want?

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