Why is it worth organising an event in coworking space?

May 22 2019

Why is it worth organising an event in coworking space?

Coworking space in Warsaw is usually available in a great location, with the possibility of convenient access. Certainly for many people this is an important reason why they choose to go to an event. Imagine having to drive around the whole city, stuck in traffic most of the time just to listen to what’s going on at your company? We cannot imagine that. This is why an industry-specific event is best organised in the city center, which is well-communicated with every district. Having doubts whether such coworking spaces exist in Warsaw? Visit Solutions.Rent.

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Full facilities

Organisation of an event requires good technical and gastronomic facilities. Chairs, board and projector are the basics, but coffee and tea is also important. In coworking space, everything is at your and the participants’ disposal. There’s one more advantage. After the event is finished, you say goodbye to everyone and leave as well. You don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Organisational support

If you have organised events in the past, you certainly know how important assistance of other people is. People who admit guests, serve coffee, or direct guests to their seats are worth their weight in gold. Thanks to them, the order is kept and the event goes on as planned. When organising an event in coworking space, you don’t have to worry about anything. People responsible for renting space will help you with serving guests invited to the event.

Free promotion

Coworking spaces in Warsaw usually have their own social media, newsletter or blog. What can you find there? Information on current cowork events. Bingo! By organising an event in such space you will get free promotion. Of course, this works both ways, because your event becomes a showcase of coworking space. Mutual benefit? We are here for it!

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Emotional recommendations

What is the most popular topic during coffee meetings? Work. You can be sure that people who work in coworking space on a daily basis will tell friends about your event. They are likely to do it in an emotional way. People who work in such spaces like their place of work because they chose it themselves. They associate positive emotions with it, and thus, they talk about what is interesting at work. Thanks to them, information about your event will reach many people, including those potentially interested in the event.

New customers

Coworking is a space where entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and managers working on international projects meet. Do you want to offer your services to them? Organisation of a cowork event will be the best step to starting a conversation. This will help you build a database of contacts and gain new customers.

Good luck!

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