Seven key factors for office work comfort

June 11 2021

Seven key factors for office work comfort

In the time of talent shortage conditions and solutions that provide comfort at work are a very big advantage of a potential employer. Candidates get more and more picky every year. They often take tours around their future office, and seek opinions about it. What can a company that recruits new talents do to attract prospective employees? Keep on reading!

As shown in Virgin Pulse Global Challenge report, a poor psychophysical condition caused by suboptimal work conditions significantly diminishes employees’ efficiency for around 57 days a year. What are the main things to look after to improve their wellbeing, which lets them work at a 100% efficiency?

Reliable Internet connection and office equipment

– At a time of remote work and having most business meetings online, continuous access to a high quality Internet connection is a top priority for office workers. They also need access to modern office equipment that is instantly serviced should the need arise. The pandemic significantly reduced the global use of printed documents, however, a business class printer, scanner and a photocopier are still on a ‘must have’ list for every office. Not to mention office supplies.’ says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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Ergonomic furniture and equipment

The chairs and counters that meet the regulatory requirements are an absolute necessity for any self respecting company. While nobody doubts that the care about an employee’s spine is important, providing proper light or coat hangers seems to be a problem for many employers. It is especially jarring since ergonomic chairs with coats hanging from the backrest not only look bad, but also don’t work as well, as it is harder to adjust the backrest or armrests. It is also all too easy to picture a worker at a desk lighted only by a fluorescent lamp on the ceiling.

Access to water and…

Providing employees with access to drinking water is required by law, and that should be enough on the matter. There is, however, added value to it. In most serviced offices employees have access to still and fizzy water, as well the place where they can have lunch or a cup of coffee during a break away from the computer. It is simply necessary, as short breaks from intellectual work improve its efficiency.

Meetings and phone conversations privacy

The comfort of confidential conversations with trade partners is often a key factor in relations with them. A strategic partner calls unexpectedly and you cannot discuss important questions in peace? Locked phonebooths inside office buildings are not a new idea, but somehow they are still not a standard in every serviced office. A conference room may be a temporary solution, but they are often occupied, and then the risk rises significantly. The only solution then is to reschedule a call until you have appropriate conditions to have a conversation. During videocalls it is also a good idea to pay attention to what can be seen behind you.

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Appropriate temperature and humidity 

Air conditioned offices are a standard. but apart from proper temperature it is important to take care of a proper air humidity. Spending too much time breathing dry air from air conditioners can be a cause of various infections of the upper respiratory tract, and they in turn can increase the risk of an employee going on sick leave and a serious problem for the employer. 

Noise limits

A few hours spent in a noisy surroundings can also adversely affect your wellbeing. Shared office space etiquette is that we respect each other’s acoustic comfort. There are situations, however, where it is difficult to avoid a temporary noise increase, caused by for example, a shredder. 

Location and transport

Few precious things make employee happier than the fact that they don’t get stuck in traffic jams for hours. The office location and distance from public transport stops play an increasingly important role. That’s why more and more companies that use serviced offices take into consideration the distance from bus stops or the underground stations.

As you can see, your efficiency depends heavily not only on the conditions of work and the computer you use. There are many factors that influence your work comfort, and one of them is also the stylish look of the office where you spend your workday. 

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