How to win and keep your customer’s loyalty?

April 15 2021

How to win and keep your customer’s loyalty?

Running your own company? Wishing to grow the business and have loyal customers? No surprise there. A trusted and honest recipient of your products or services is a treasure. Learn how to win and keep your customer’s loyalty.

G for guarantee

Guarantee high quality of products or services for your customers and stability of terms and prices. Do not betray their trust. Be transparent when it comes to agreements and price list. That this approach will benefit you a lot. Always keep your word. If you promise your customer fast delivery, do not let them wait endlessly for their shipment. And if you fail to deliver, offer compensation right away.

C for Communication

Good communication with your customers is essential. Be responsive, answer e-mails and social media inquiries. Do not leave questions unanswered. Customers value efficient customer service. Reacting to their needs and helping them with their problems makes your customers feel important.

Did you know…

91% of customers declare that they will not make another purchase if the brand lets them down. Customer service really matters!

A for Awards

Everybody heard about loyalty programs, but not everybody knows how to use them in business. Treat your best customers in a special way. Create an award system. No worries, they do not have to be in kind. Discounts on future purchases, priority on seasonal offers, or a shopping voucher are small pleasures that will make your customers more likely to return to you.

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O for Opinions

Positive opinions are the best recommendation for others. So you need to obtain ratings from current and former customers. Strive for recommendations. Nothing is betten in building the company’s image than good opinions. Whether a customer gives you a rating on Facebook, Google or writes it by hand – brag about it. Do not forget to appreciate activity. If you get a negative opinion – do not despair. React appropriately, try to settle the dispute and apologize. Your rection will make the customer feel that you care about them.  

S for Space

Create a space for loyal customers where they can share experiences, ideas, or just talk. It may be a Facebook or Slack group. It is important that everyone who joins has the freedom to ask questions that you, as the expert, will answer.

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Thanks to social media groups you can educate customers. Communicating industry news, sending links to articles on your company blog or videos on your brand’s YouTube channel shows your commitment and gives you advantage over your competition.

The best way to win loyal customers is… to be the best in your industry. Care for the customer at every purchase stage. Remember to make a good impression – not only when it comes to customer service, but also product presentation or quality of services. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about what they expect from your brand. Thanks to the new perspective you will gain loyal customers.

– Loyalty is not only the customer’s attachment to the brand. It is mainly the positive emotions that the company evokes in its own recipients. Such strong relationships are worth striving for, because the consumers will recommend your products or services to their friends or family – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

The research of Corporate Executive Board reveals that customers’ loyalty depends on mutual values. Building the company–customer relationship is based on full understanding and approval of the company’s vision and mission.

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