How to ensure a good candidate experience?

July 6 2020

How to ensure a good candidate experience?

The most important trends in the HR industry today are building a positive employer image (employer branding) and ensuring a good candidate experience. These are closely interconnected. Recruitment methods employed by companies affect its image after all.

– “Candidate experience is especially important in the IT industry. Specialists in this field often change their jobs and do not get attached to their positions. A properly structured recruitment process and, later on, well customized employer branding activities will make the candidate like the company so much that they will be less willing to change jobs or even abandon the thought entirely” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

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Today, most brands wants to ensure the best possible candidate experience. No surprise there – the “Candidate Experience 2017” survey found that 33% of the people with negative recruitment experiences are not willing to apply to the same company again. But that’s not all. 27% of such people will share their impressions with family and colleagues and 22% will discourage others from applying for a position at this company.

First: draft an advertisement

Most people believe that recruitment starts when a candidate shows up for an interview with the company representative. Actually, the process starts when the job offer is published. That is why it is so important for the ad to provide all the necessary information. The job posting should not only include a job description and requirements, but also detail the benefits offered to a candidate. If your company allows remote work, provides private health care, a sports program membership or fruit days – include it the ad. Do not forget about mentioning the salary range.

Second: tell a story

Before you start asking questions, say a few words about the company and the recruitment process. Try to present the brand history in a way that will entice the candidate to work in you business. Provide the details of the next recruitment process stages, what they will look like and when a candidate can expect a decision to be made.


Candidates provide the best recruitment feedback. Do not hesitate to ask for their opinion and honest feedback. It will make your candidate’s experience even better!

Third: answer questions

When a candidate asks you a question – try to provide a detailed answer. You may do it in person, by e-mail or via a chat for candidates. More and more companies are introducing online solutions (Nokia, EY). It may also be a good idea to use social media to reach out to potential candidates. Sometimes Instagram live streams may attract more applications than a well-crafted job advertisement.

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Fourth: communicate

In the times of the pandemic online communication became popular. Training courses, e-books, webinars. The possibilities are endless. You are sure to find at least one solution suitable for your company. Share your knowledge and experience, discuss the company and try to show its atmosphere. Such activities build your positive brand image, which makes them worth you while.

Fifth: look after your candidates

When the recruitment process is over, do not leave the candidates to fend for themselves. A few days before a new employee starts work, write them a message with the company rules and the schedule for the first day. Provide them also with your contact details in case they have questions or doubts. Remember that effective communication boosts a positive candidate experience.

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