What software developer traits are recruiters looking for?

July 9 2020

What software developer traits are recruiters looking for?

Software development is a hot topic nowadays. The main reasons include a high salary, attractive working conditions and development opportunities. However, not every IT specialist is sought after by the recruiters. It’s not only about the number of programming languages you know, but also the soft skills you have. What kind?


The ability to convey your thoughts in a clear and precise manner is important not only for managers. It is also necessary for every person who employs new technologies in their work. Remember that communication skills include the ability to listen to other people.

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“To succeed in the IT industry, you need to have team work, communication and time management skills, as well as the courage to express your opinion and present new ideas or solutions. It is especially important in project work” says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.


Which employee is the most valuable for the employer? A dedicated one. Such person drives changes and activities in the company. They keep track of deadlines to ensure that the project is successfully completed. If they are passionate about their work, they will eagerly look for new solutions. They will be happy to share their ideas and proposals. Finally, they will keep track of the events at the company and will be dedicated to their work.


Motivation is important in every industry. In the IT industry it helps cope with time pressure, short deadlines and enormous responsibility. Recruiters are also looking for eagerness and energy that is not dependent on external factors (comfortable office, chillout zone, benefits).

Ability to work in a team

It is crucial in project implementation – especially if the agile methodology is being used. Those who cannot work well with others and disregard the ideas and opinions of other team members will not make a career for themselves in the IT industry. Project implementation often involves working with non-IT people, who do not have any software development expertise. That is why the openness and willingness to cooperate is so important.

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Desire for professional development

The IT industry is ever-changing. Even experienced specialists need to educate themselves constantly. Recruiters value candidates who wish to better themselves. Knowledge of the industry and technology, as well as the willingness to seek new solutions and build your knowledge – all of these are assets sought after in candidates. Even employees who are starting their careers, but are willing to learn and grow, will be considered for the position.

A business mindset

A business mindset is very promising in IT specialists. It means that they are aware that the product is for the users (wider populace) first, and not for the creators. Its purpose is to satisfy the needs of others. A software developer who knows what the program is intended for and what its business purpose is – is a valuable asset for the future employer and someone to pay attention to in the recruitment process.

There is no such thing as an ideal employee. However, if an IT specialist has a set of soft skills, they are more likely to be chosen by recruiters and working with them is more likely to be successful.

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