Five quotes from “The Office” to sum up your workday

January 25 2022

Five quotes from “The Office” to sum up your workday

Is this the real life or is this a comedy? “The Office” is such a popular series for a reason. Did you know that it ranked as the world’s funniest sitcom of all times? Maybe it’s because these stories contain a grain of truth… 

You may love your job and position, but absolutely everyone has a bad day every now and again. You didn’t sleep well, your coworker took your favorite mug, the coffee machine ran out of coffee and your boss demanded that overdue report you hadn’t even started yet. The office life follows its own rules and there are fixed patterns behind corporate work. 

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Sometimes we come to work and… 

| There’s always a million reasons not to do something. — Jan Levinson

It’s too cold. It’s too hot. You are hungry, you are thirsty, you still haven’t received the information you require, the client still hasn’t replied to an email, there is a meeting starting in ten minutes, so there is really no point starting any new task. That’s true. If you want, you can always find a million excuses not to do something, but maybe it’s worth giving it a try? A moment of concentration to catch up with things will definitely give you a nice satisfaction boost.

After a few hours of being focused, when your “to do” list is empty, you can get away from your computer, go to the kitchen to get a mug of coffee and with a smile on your face say:

| I am Beyonce, always. — Michael Scott

It is hard to hide your good mood after you’ve completed all the tasks planned for the day. This is especially difficult to contain when, like Beyonce, you tread forward with your head held high, you radiate good energy all around you and you smile at your coworkers. 


You meet them everyday in the hall, in meetings or in the kitchen on your lunch break. You exchange pleasantries, with some of them you may even grab a cup of coffee after work. There are still those with whom you maintain a good distance… unless it’s their birthday. Or maybe they’re celebrating yet another year at the company? 

There is one thing, which always brightens everyone’s day and facilitates chatting. As Stanley Hudson says: 

| If I don’t get some cake soon, I might die. 

And it would be hard to argue against this. Especially when it’s chocolate cake or a piece of birthday cake. If you start your day like this, nothing is hard. You can brew your favorite tea, have some sweet goodies and chat for a while with your friends. A relaxing moment to start off your day sounds good. Even more so, if you have a meeting with a client soon and you are less than perfectly prepared. What can you do? Follow Michael Scott’s example: 

| Sometimes I start a task and I don’t know where I am going with it. I can only hope to find the purpose somewhere along the way.

And this is what life at The Office look like. Some Mondays are hard, but all the watercooler gossip, team meetings and mutual support with the most demanding projects have their allure, which is hard to reproduce online. 

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And what about the office? 

| The office is what keeps you going. The office is where you live to the fullest, to the extreme… the office is where your dreams come true. — Michael Scott

That’s why it is good to meet in real life and leave the home office once in a while, if you can.

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