Five Movies Realistically Depicting Office Work

November 15 2021

Five Movies Realistically Depicting Office Work

Office work does not seem to be an interesting topic for the filmmakers. Still it received quite a lot of attention and numerous movie productions got Academy Award nominations. Many people still follow the adventures of the characters from “The Office,” and the Polish version has a good chance to repeat the original’s success. What other movies about office work should you consider watching?

Office Space (1999)

A comedy about the everyday work of Peter the programmer and his officemates directed by the creator of “Beavis and Butt-head” – Mike Judge. The protagonist suffers middle age crisis. Thanks to psychotherapy he decides to radically change his life and spend more time with his girlfriend. He and his workmates come up with the plan to lead them to desired fortune and a carefree life. As you can imagine, not all goes as planned…

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Horrible Bosses (2011)

A diabolical boss is always a good material for an antagonist.
Three buddies Nick, Kurt and Dale would love to get rid of their bosses once and for all. Because they are not willing to change jobs, they come up with a rather radical solution. And again not all goes as they predict. A real treat for those who love dark humor and exquisite acting by Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrel.

The Office (2001)

A mockumentary showing the life of company workers is a great metaphor of the modern world. Free of off-screen laughter, but with numerous moments of awkward silence, “The Office” is one of the best sitcoms ever made. Workplace events, love and romance, and the boss played by Ricky Gervais are just but a few of its strong suits. There are no quippy jokes, the comedy results from the embarrassing moments the characters experience. In the survey of film critics conducted by BBC, “The Office” was voted the 9th (out of 100) best TV series of the 21st century.

The Intern (2015)

Ben, a bored retired widower, takes up a retiree internship program. He finds himself in the company trading women’s attire online. The founder (Anne Hathaway), after initial reservations, realizes that his influence on the team – a to an extent on herself – is very positive. With impeccable manners and consistent values he becomes an invaluable support for everyone.

The Closet (Le placard (2001)

The protagonist, Francois, is a loser who works as an accountant in a condom factory. His is divorced with an estranged son, and everyone around him believes him to be an utter bore. The only thing going for him is his job. One day he finds out he may be made redundant, so he starts a gossip that he’s gay, hoping that it will save his post. However, the intrigue goes over his head.

The main cause of the “workplace” productions success is simple. Everyone who spends one third of the day at the office wants to believe that they are not alone in their “misery.” Or maybe the reason is completely different? Maybe the office scenery provides a good background for everyday adventures of its workers?

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