Five Mistakes to Avoid When Talking to Customers

June 16 2023

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Talking to Customers

Customer service is an important aspect for most businesses. No matter what your industry is, these five mistakes may disrupt the relation and make new people less interested in your offer. How to avoid making them? Read on. 

Not using the language suited to your customer 

In every industry there are words, phrases and shorthands we use every day. They work well in conversations with your co-workers, but they won’t necessarily be appropriate when you’re talking to a customer. If they can’t understand you, they won’t buy what you offer or use your services. Explain all matters in plain everyday language. Show the best solutions and offer custom made ones. Present specific benefits of your offer. 

Failure to pay attention to their needs 

Your boss wants the sales of a particular product to go up, so you offer it to anyone you talk to? It’s a straight way towards failure. Rather than talking, focus on listening first and learn what your customer needs. Take your time to think whether your offer meets their expectations or, perhaps, it’s just a template you’ve been using for months?

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Failure to admit you’ve made a mistake 

We all make mistakes. Not responding to an e-mail, nor keeping your promises, omission of a certain point in the contract, failing to meet a goal. When it happens, it is very important to keep calm and explain to the customer the reasons. Apologies and recompense should be enough to keep proper relations. 

The lack of properly trained team 

Usually the first point of contact with a customer is a salesperson or a sales representative. Then the responsibility shifts to the customer service team. If you want all conversations to be fruitful and professional, the team should not only be well informed on the services and products on offer to be able to answer questions easily, but they should also be familiar with the situation of a particular person or company. How to best prepare to a meeting with a customer?

  • Pay attention to who you will talk to – write down their name, surname and their position. 
  • Ask them for comments beforehand, and if possible come to the meeting with solutions ready.
  • Show them patience and understanding, listen to what they need and what they are uncertain of.

This will make your customer feel understood and cared for, no matter what the issue at hand was. 

Taking too long to answer 

Every business owner knows that a 24-hour day is simply not long enough. This often results in being tired and failing to keep deadlines, which in turn, severely affects customer relations. Try automation – at least in some aspects of your business: prepare e-mail, presentation or agenda templates. Set up and auto-reply to inform how long will it take to get an actual reply. Do your best to read and answer your e-mails daily. Proper organization is your key to success. If you make your customer wait for too long, there is a good chance they will switch to your competition.

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Remember that business relations is all that connect you to your client. If you manage to eliminate these five mistakes, your talks with clients will get easier and more professional, and any potential problems won’t affect the functioning of your entire business as much. 

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