7 most popular AI-based tools

July 14 2023

7 most popular AI-based tools

More and more people are using AI tools in their everyday work. No wonder – they make work easier and effectively reduce the time needed. If you haven’t tried them before – do it now. We present you with the compilations of the most popular tools based on artificial intelligence.

– AI-based tools are great for everyday jobs to be done. They can help, for example, with project management, task automation, creative work, copywriting, creating video and audio content and graphic design. Thanks to them, we have more time for strategic or creative work – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha of More Bananas marketing agency.

Chat GPT-3

One of the most popular and most advanced tools for text generation. It’s a language model that, simply put, searches web data bases to respond to our queries, or prompts. It helps you generate titles, headings and content for your blog, product descriptions and advertising text. You will do it quickly and efficiently. Just remember to keep your prompts detailed and provide context for your query.

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Another popular text generation tool. You can use it to generate headings, meta tags, product descriptions or marketing e-mail content. It lets you adapt the tone and style of your content so that it is similar to previous texts posted on your professional website or blog or tailored to your audience.


This tool helps you create small works of art. Interestingly, it uses and analyses neural net algorithms to combine various art styles and create paintings. Looking for a tool to design unique graphics or illustrations? This is something for you.


This tool lets you create an artistic painting or graphics. It uses a deep learning algorithm to analyze photos and create their new versions by imitating a particular style. You can generate portraits, landscapes or even still life. Interestingly, DeepArt has launched the sale of HD paintings via Ebay. Their representatives guarantee that no two paintings are the same.

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Midjourney is a tool for generating graphics in 15 seconds. It differs from the other tools in that it is a bot on a Discord server. You only need to enter a set of key words or a description of the graphic into the bot and wait a moment. With Midjourney, you can create photos, 3D graphics, computer graphics, posters or mockups. You have 25 free queries on your account.

Do you have a favorite tool based on artificial intelligence? It is a good idea to test all of them and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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