Six reasons to rent a premium office

May 28 2021

Six reasons to rent a premium office

One of the classic business practitioner tips says: You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. How you dress for the job is no longer that important, but the general idea is still true when talking about office space. What can your company expect from a premium office? Keep on reading!

How your office looks will help create your company’s image

Your office should be like a tailor-made suit for your company – comfortable and stylish, but it should also contribute to the image of a serious business partner. That’s not all when it comes to similarities to a suit. Do you need to decide what’s most important? Elegance should take priority. Spacious rooms and modern design never fail to impress. And you only have one chance to make the first impression.


A prestigious neighborhood and accessibility are the foundation of a good first impression. There are restaurants, cafes, boutiques, public institutions and private businesses nearby. These are the places you’d want to frequent, especially if you need to meet with your client in the middle of the day and then come back to the office quickly. These are particularly attractive areas for headhunting companies, as a discreet meeting with a specialist from one of the companies in the area takes only as much time as it needs to.

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A trial day, or ‘Fitting’

Would you buy an elegant business suit without trying it on first? That would be ridiculous! That is why one of the advantages of a premium office is the opportunity to check if the work conditions and atmosphere suit you! It is also a great opportunity to get to know the people that rent other offices and learn their opinion on working there.

During a trial day we often see that prospective tenants, although initially skeptical, tick more and more points off their checklists. Usually it takes them only three hours to admit that the appearance, atmosphere and comfort of the office has won them over. Most of our clients made a point that the aesthetics of the office are the most important thing for them, followed closely by comfort and flexible renting conditions. What sets us apart, especially in the Plac Trzech Krzyży building, is the event space and the terrace with a downtown view that our tenants can enjoy – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Flexible contract

A flexible contract lets you rent a premium office for less than a year. Do keep in mind that conditions may be renegotiated by adding to or subtracting from the rented surface. You don’t need to sign additional cleaning, security or Internet access contracts. You don’t need to maintain your own reception desk with an employee to greet visitors or manage incoming mail. The invoice you get every month contains the cost of the rent, utilities, guaranteed access to a high-speed Internet connection, using the open space, kitchen and fully equipped conference rooms.

Other amenities

Typical services provided by most rental offices include a reception desk, Internet access, using office equipment and a coffee corner, as well as cleaning. Such is the standard even in smaller towns, however you can expect so much more from a premium office. You can tell that you’re working at a premium office if all you bring with you to work is your laptop. Everything else is already there: unique interior design, ergonomic and high-quality office furniture, superfast Internet connection, 24/7 access to the building, a coffee machine with freshly roasted coffee, private phonebooths, office supplies, incoming and outgoing mail handling, office equipment such as business printers or scanners and other perks, for example a place to keep your bike in the building.


New business contacts that you can establish in such places provide added value. It is one of the most important aspects of conducting business from a prestigious location. Such venues bring people from different industries together and thus operate like everyday ‘networking hubs’ that let you make new valuable business acquaintances.

To sum up: a premium office improves your chances of success. Your company’s address in your e-mail footer will impresses people and help create your company’s image from the very first direct interaction with a client that visits your office. Especially if they have above-average aesthetic expectations.

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