Mental training. Six reliable methods

By December 4, 2020 Lifestyle

trening umysłu Nowadays, we are presented with lots of unnecessary information. It’s easy to become confused and lose track of what is really important to us. How can you prevent it? By training your mind, keeping it sharp and preventing dementia in the future.

– As different as they may seem, training your mind is quite similar to training your body. To see results, you need to train regularly and overcome your weaknesses. Another thing worth mentioning is that outdoor exercises and activities improve the condition of our brains, e.g. improve our memory – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

A for activity


A combination of physical and mental training is the most optimal solution, which is why you should be active and try new things as often as possible. Start with taking small steps. Try a dish you have never had before, choose a different route to work, change your training routine or go shopping to a store you have never visited so far. By introducing changes into your life, you break your routine and increase your brain activity. Now you know why stepping out of your comfort zone is so important.

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Did you know…

That you can support your brain through an appropriate diet? It should include carbohydrates (groats, whole wheat bread, oatmeal), products rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids (fish, rapeseed oil, nuts), vitamins A, C, D, E vitamins and B-group vitamins (fruits and vegetables).

R for reading


Read everyday. Whether it be magazines, newspapers or books – read anything that you find interesting. Just make sure your reading content is varied. Reading about various topics will stimulate different parts of your brain. Novels will develop your imagination and creativity, whereas going through reports or research results will improve your analytical skills and critical thinking.

P for puzzles


Sudoku, crosswords or maybe jigsaw puzzles? Choose whatever you like the most and start training your mind. Playing logic games engages and strains your brain. It helps you improve your concentration skills. Not really a fan of traditional games? That’s OK. There’s a lot of applications that will help you train your mind everyday. Some of the examples include:

Lumosity – 70 million people around the world use this application and its creators claim that using it three times a week for 15 minutes allows you to achieve satisfying results. Exercises are divided into a few categories, e.g. memory, concentration, problem solving or flexibility.

Memrise – learning a new language has a great impact on your brain. The Memrise application will make you start learning and the gamification aspect will encourage you to train regularly.

Peak – this application guarantees fun during mind training. Within this application you can find games that will develop your cognitive skills. You can track your progress after each training session.

L for learning


Learning is another great solution to improve your mental skills. You can learn a difficult word or a foreign word everyday. Use books, applications or online courses. You can also watch foreign movies (without voiceover and subtitles) and immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign country. It really activates the brain.

W for writing


Write… but not on your computer or phone. According to research, taking notes or writing down your thoughts improves your concentration skills and your memory. They have also been shown to activate your brain. However, it is not the only advantage. Writing increases your creativity and makes you capable of coming up with new solutions.

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Did you know…

That using your hands interchangeably when writing, painting or drawing reinforces your neural networks and activates the non-dominant part of your brain, which makes your way of thinking more innovative?

F for focus


Focus on the task at hand. Not only on your work or studying, but also on the simple, everyday activities. Focus on preparing your breakfast, on brushing your teeth or on your beauty routines. Do not let yourself act mechanically. Try to be more aware of your actions and perform them more carefully. It will certainly benefit your brain.

The space where you spend your time also influences your brain. The more creative this space is, the better. But that’s not all – your hobby has a positive impact on your brain as well. Dance, theater, music or painting help you develop your creativity, so enjoy them to your heart’s content.


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