Warsaw: 9 top-grade coffee places

December 13 2018

Warsaw: 9 top-grade coffee places

It has to be strong and to jump-start. Especially in the morning, when the work calls, and it is extremely difficult to wake up. An afternoon dose of energy is also desirable, and that means a cup of coffee after leaving the office. It does not matter if you choose espresso, macchiato or cappuccino. What is important is to take pleasure in drinking coffee. So let’s get to know the best cafés in Śródmieście.

Między nami

20 Bracka Str.

This café is 30 years old. It definitely has to mean something! They serve delicious coffee here, and always have a delicious breakfast or a homemade lunch for the demitasse. It is a real Warsaw must have. Why not have a try?

For an espresso in Między nami you will pay PLN 7.

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3 Oboźna Str.

The favorite students’ place. It is often crowded here, but what is not done for the stimulating cup of coffee (and… to feel like a student again). The menu has a large selection of coffees: 5 types of espresso, spelled coffee, and even … banana ones. And for takeout you can also take a pancake!

A classic espresso in Kafka costs PLN 8.

Coffee Karma

3/5 Zbawiciela Square

Have you had the opportunity to try freshly roasted coffee? No? In that case, you absolutely have to drop in on Coffee Karma. The traditional drum oven with grains impresses even the greatest coffee lovers. Demitasse will be served here from excellent mixtures. We especially recommend Arabica with an admixture of India Cherry.

For a single espresso in Coffee Karma you will pay PLN 6.50.

Ministerstwo Kawy

27/35 Marszałkowska Str.

Coffee for lovers of alternative methods. Ministerstwo serves Arabic mixes from the KOPPI roasting plant in Sweden. Steamed in a pressure machine, using drip, aeropress and chemex methods, they will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets. Do you feel like something sweet with your coffee? Go ahead and try one of homemade cakes.

Depending on the method of brewing, you will pay about PLN 12 for a small coffee.


28 Waryńskiego Str.

The modernist style and intellectual character of the café is a kind of commitment. This place combines a gallery and a bookshop, which gives you the opportunity to drink coffee in an excellent company of books and magazines from around the world. Demitasse is brewed here in various manners. Drip, chemex, siphon, aeropress – it is only up to you.

Coffee prices vary depending on the brewing method. You will pay about PLN 10 for an espresso.

Cafe Próżna

12 Próżna Str.

An atmospheric café in Śródmieście, at Próżna Street, which is the only surviving post-war street of the Warsaw Ghetto. What’s more, delicious coffee is served here. Simple interiors, wooden chairs, exhibitions, and even a concert from time to time, make it a great place for afternoon relaxation.

For an espresso you pay PLN 8 in Cafe Próżna.

Wrzenie Świata

7 Gałczyńskiego Str.

The club opened by the Reportage Institute is a combination of a quiet and charming café and a bookstore. What you will find here is a wide selection of non-fiction literature and possibility to drink delicious coffee. Late in the afternoon, you have the chance to participate in the author’s meeting. And if you won’t be able to talk to the writer, you have nothing to worry about. There is a special mailbox in the café where you can put a letter to the author of your favorite book.

Please take a good look at the breakfast buffet – you pay PLN 25 and eat at will. And the menu is just delicious!

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7 Poznańska Str.

This cafeteria is associated primarily with good coffee. If you do not know what you want today, just ask barista. He or she will definitely advise you something tailored to your taste preferences. In the evening, you can come here for a drink, and at the same time watch one of the interesting vernissages.

Leniviec serves espresso for PLN 6.


33 Tamka Str.

The café at Tamka has been attracting lovers of demitasse since the early morning. Many people start their day here; some treat the place like an office. Baristas serve classic coffee as well as brewed with alternative methods: drip, chemex and aeropress. Many inhabitants of the capital can envy them for the sense of taste.

Coffee prices in Stor depend on the type of brewing method. You pay PLN 9 for an espresso.

Śródmieście is a great place to work. Cafés with the best coffee in the city, places for a delicious lunch, art galleries, authorial theaters, arthouses. If you are looking for a suitable location for your office – you come to the right place!

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