Top Six Weirdest Questions You Can Hear at a Job Interview

May 19 2023

Top Six Weirdest Questions You Can Hear at a Job Interview

How heavy is the Trojan Horse? How many basketball players can you fit in a volleyball court? What’s a babirusa? Can you answer any of these? Neither can we! However, you can be asked such questions at a job interview. Read more about the weirdest job interview questions.

Such questions are quite often asked at job interviews. However, they are never expected to be answered correctly. They are usually meant to test the candidate’s reaction. Do they get stressed? Do they try to answer? Perhaps they simply give up? All these are valuable bits of information for the future employer – says Marta Kamińska from

Imagine you were shrunk down to the size of a pencil and put in a blender! What do you do?

This is all about your creativity and reaction time. You can respond by saying that as a kid you used to be a gymnast, so getting out of the blender by bouncing off its walls would be a piece of cake for you. Other options? Treat your future employer with a fairy-tale style story. You can tell them that you never leave your home without your genie lamp, so you could simply whip it out and have a genie conjure up a flying carpet for you to escape the blender on.

How to teach a child to make scrambled eggs?

This question is meant to check how good you are at explaining things. Try to give instructions in a simple yet detailed way. Are additives important? Not necessarily. What definitely matters is to make sure that the kid knows what an egg is. Remember – kids don’t understand everything, and they often ask questions about things they are interested in.

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How many tennis balls can you fit in a streetcar?

This question is meant to test your creative and analytical thinking skills. You don’t need to give an exact number. Try to estimate the volume of a vehicle and a typical tennis ball. Divide one by another and produce an estimate result. Simply present your thought process.

What animal would you like to be, and why?

Show your personality, but keep in mind what position you are applying for. If it’s a managerial position, a lion will be a good pick. Are you looking for work in a team? Choose a dog. What’s important is to be able to justify your choice.

How would you sell ice Coke to people of Greenland?

A similar question was asked in “The Wolf of Wall Street” but there they were asking about selling a pen. Somewhat easier, isn’t it? Your creativity and the ability to convince others to your vision are what should count in your answer. Try selling emotions rather than a product. Your potential employer should find it convincing.

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What would you do if you found a parrot in your fridge?

Yet another question meant to test your ability to think on your toes and outside the box. You can transport the parrot to the zoo or put it in a bird cage. You can teach it to talk and throw a street theater show for your neighbors. If you can come up with a business idea with a parrot as a key component, and you are applying for a new business position – you’ve won!

Such job interview questions don’t have a single right answer. The recruiter wants to test you. Let your imagination loose and simply give the answer that feels right to you.

Good luck!

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