These are the things you will learn when coworking

March 5 2019

These are the things you will learn when coworking

Coworking in Warsaw by most people is associated with professional freedom. It teaches managing time and projects. But not only that. There’s also a number of other important skills which you can learn while working in a coworking space.

Making decisions

Selecting an office space for rent is the first decision you have to make. Which space is going to be the best – one downtown or on the outskirts, modern, or more low-key? Already at the very beginning you will get a lesson in being a leader, but a good training is always welcome. When handling your own business or handling an international project in the course of coworking in Warsaw, making difficult decisions will no longer be a problem for you.

Work organization

Coworking teaches good habits. These include for example managing own time and projects. You determine what’s urgent and which task can wait. You set priorities and work in accordance with a prepared list or model. Such work organization will surely impact your efficiency and teach consistency.

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Researches by the Deskmag portal show that 85% of people who work in coworking spaces are more motivated and 42% of them reported an increase of income. This is primarily proof of the increase of efficiency among people who have decided to rent an office in Warsaw. Why is it so? When coworking you focus more on executing tasks and thanks to that you optimize work. Simple?

Striving for the goal

Coworking in Warsaw teaches independence. Achieving success depends solely on you. That is why you focus on work, don’t make up excuses how to do something else, and you ambitiously strive to achieve the goal.

You haven’t yet defined your goals? Don’t worry. Working in a coworking space you come across people from different professional environments and thanks to this you are able to look at yourself from a different perspective. Perhaps here you will see whether the undertaken career path is right or you are simply going to learn what’s most satisfying for you.

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Establishing contacts

Working in a coworking space allows building a business community. You have a desk and a project that has to be carried out – great, but you surely also want to develop yourself or the business. Just like 50% of people coworking in Warsaw. So don’t be afraid to talk to others and build your network of contacts.

A coworking office includes people possessing various educations, coming from different trades, and even different parts of the world. This diversity results in that you can observe others and establish new relationships. And these may profit in the future. Solutions.Rent includes an investor who willingly supports interesting ideas. With us you can learn how to handle business talks and even negotiate the cooperation conditions. Are you interested?

The work life-balance principle

When working on a large project in Warsaw’s office buildings and discovering the international environment, you change the work standards. You see how others approach their duties and verify your own approach. It will surely be easier for you to take care of your work-life balance, meaning the balance between your private and professional life. After all, if you work in terms of your own business, you are the one deciding when and where you handle your responsibilities.

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