Social Media Detox – How Social Media Affect Our Brains?

January 5 2023

Social Media Detox – How Social Media Affect Our Brains?

Social media are present in our daily lives. We reach for the smartphone the moment we wake up, and we finish our day holding it. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook – we use them for entertainment, and education and to stay in touch with others. They also affect how we act. In what way? Read on. 

– Social media can be a great way to stay in touch with others, as well as to develop yourself. However, they also have the other, darker side. When using social media responsibly, it is possible to keep the balance – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, creative owner at More Bananas marketing agency.

Social media detox is the time when we consciously decide not to use them. If you experience issues with concentration, procrastination and being constantly tired, maybe you also need one.

Better well-being

Taking a break from social media can influence our well-being in a significant way. You spend less time spent in front of the screen, you focus more on life and your responsibilities, you stop constantly comparing yourself with others and you get away from fear-inducing headlines – these are first steps towards cooler head and lending an ear to what you really need.

If you are used to spending a lot of time online, at first you may experience FOMO – the fear of missing out. However, you’ll see your emotions quiet down before long.

Meditation techniques, motion (light yoga, stretching, taking a walk), contact with nature, breathing calmly – they all can help you keep calm.

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A TO DO list? No problem!

Social media not only take time, but also affect your ability to focus. Getting away from what you do every dozen minutes or so, to answer a message or browse Instagram profiles, affects your productivity significantly.

Having no phone at hand while you work, study or do your chores will make you complete your tasks faster and more thoroughly, and additionally they won’t feel as tiring as before.

There are only so many hours during the day

Are you always lacking time? It may mean that you have too much on your plate or… you waste a lot of time online. To check it, install some software on your smartphone that tracks the time you spend using each particular app. It will tell you how much time you waste during the day. Use this time to prepare a delicious meal, do your workout, take a regenerative nap or develop your business. You will not only limit the number of negative stimuli, but you’ll add some positive ones such as satisfaction or joy.

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How to go about a social media detox?

You want to try, but you don’t know where to begin? Take the following tips!

  1. Think what apps you want or have to keep using (such as communicators to stay in touch with your coworkers or family, app for listening to music), and which ones you can give up without much of a hassle.
  2. Set the time you won’t use the social media. It can be 7, 14 or 30 days. After this time, when you get used to not reaching for your smartphone every 5 minutes, it is good to take shorter breaks – say 2 hours after getting up, during work, over the weekend.
  3. Uninstall all social media apps from your phone.
  4. Create a list of things you can do in your free time. Clean your email inbox, tidy up your closet, change the light bulb or call your friends.
  5. Be consequent and disciplined. At first there can be the urge to reach for your phone, or fear of missing something important.
  6. Enjoy this time and watch how it affects you!

There is much good coming from social media. Finding inspiration, meeting new people or educational opportunities are unquestionable. You don’t need to give them up for good. It is good, though, to use them consciously and see if your well-being is perhaps too dependent on your use of social media.

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