Smile! The advantages of a positive approach to work

January 16 2019

Smile! The advantages of a positive approach to work

A lot is being said about a positive approach to life, but most Poles are still unable to conform. Whereas, the English “positivity” may result in more advantages than we think. Why is it worth to have a positive attitude towards work?

Stay healthy!

It’s widely known that optimists live longer. A positive approach has a beneficial impact on health and reduces the risk of depression, but also allows minimizing stress related to the multitude of responsibilities.

Researches carried out for example by Martin Seligman from the University of Michigan and Mayo Clinic clearly show that optimists possess a stronger immune system thanks to which the body’s immunological reaction is better, and they also report fewer problems with blood circulation.

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Success at the fingertips

People with a positive approach to work more often achieve successes because they do not perceive executing the set goals as difficult. Optimism impacts also their efficiency when executing projects. At the same time people with a positive approach are able to perform more tasks and are better motivated.

Researching the approach of insurance agents towards their work, as well as their efficiency, Martin Seligman determined that optimists sold 37% more policies than pessimists. Conclusion? It is worth to have a positive approach to work.

Better relations

An optimistic approach results in that you make a good first impression and coworkers perceive you as a person with whom they like to work. That is why you establish contacts easier, the team trusts you and is more willing to help you in a tight situation. People with a positive approach are more satisfied with life, as well as receive promotions and better job offers more often.

Proper crisis management

Researches by Professor Barbara Fredrickson prove that positive emotions broaden the horizons and thanks to them you are able to find more solutions to a given problem (
Broaden and build Theory). Apart from that, the body of an optimist produces less cortisol – stress hormone – which results in that during difficult situations it is easier for you to get your head around the issue and you don’t experience the many negative consequences of a crisis.

A positive approach towards work results also in that you are more open, form your skills better, and more willingly execute new tasks. How to achieve it?

First of all: stop complaining

Complaining is an integral part of being Polish. And it also constitutes the fastest way to changing the attitude for a negative one. Stop starting your day with the standard “not this again”, traffic, rain, no coffee… STOP! That way you will never become an optimist. Try starting your day with a smile and having a chat with the people working within your coworking space. A small thing, but it makes you happy!

Secondly: laugh as much as you want

Are you a master of wits? No? Not to worry. Surely someone from your design team knows the latest stand-up bit or has a funny story to tell you. Allow yourself to have a moment of ease! Laughing by a cup of morning coffee raises the level of endorphins. Sure results are significant, but releasing tension is just as important! So don’t forget about your sense of humor when at work.

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Thirdly: don’t think “what if…”

Things often just happen. Without our participation or knowledge. Not everything can be foreseen and suffocating oneself with thoughts like “what if…” has no sense. Don’t express your doubts, and believe in you skills. It really helps!

Fourthly: plan

Both short and long term planning has a lot of advantages. Most importantly, it motivates to act. Don’t worry if some assumptions seem unreal at the moment. Writing them down on a piece of paper will additionally motivate you. A positive approach to executing responsibilities or tasks opens a lot of possibilities and often helps to find solutions which you initially didn’t see.

Fifthly: take care of your surrounding

Your surrounding impacts how you feel and this doesn’t just mean friendly coworkers. Our workplace also impacts our well being. So just take care for it to be friendly. You can adjust it to meet your expectations. Just take a look at the offer of coworking offices. You can visit Solutions.Rent for a test day and see if the vibe at the office suits you.

Solutions.Rent promotes a positive approach to work. Check us out!

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