Six Methods to Increase Productivity

September 10 2021

Six Methods to Increase Productivity

Do you postpone realization of your tasks? Do you feel stress due to work overload? Do you feel you are wasting your time, and could use some motivation? That’s perfectly normal. Everyone has such thoughts every now and again. And that’s exactly the reason why you should remember the most important ways to increase your productivity at work.

While chasing better and better results, do you sometimes forget to take care of what actually makes you good at what you do? It’s a big mistake, and it may cost you dearly. Read on how to avoid making it!

See you personal benefit in each of the tasks you do

There is frankly not a single person in the entire world who does not doubt the purpose of what they do, at some point or another. Motivation drops are a normal phenomenon in every workplace. As there is no such thing as an engine that can run at high gear all the time, likewise you deserve a couple moments to slow down and consider your goals for a bit. Finding an answer to the question “What am I doing here?” or “what do I get from doing this?” is the most important thing for you to do every day. The key, of course, is your positive attitude. Finding the negative aspects is easy.

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Work (!) on your positive attitude and good habits

Your state of mind and a proper perception of the tasks you realize do not come and go randomly. They can be “programmed” in your mind. It is a matter of doing a few things every morning for a couple of weeks for them to bear fruit. Morning exercises come back to practice after years of oblivion for a good reason. After a 15-minute workout your brains receives a portion of endorphins and better oxygenation, which help you see your brim-filled calendar in a more favorable light. Speaking of a diary – you need to make space for short breaks during your workday. It’s an important habit that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Keep your workplace… and your head tidy!

Obvious? And what if keeping your desk tidy lets you stay focused 1.5 times longer? There is scientific proof for that. A pile of unnecessary items reminds you of all unfinished tasks, and that there is always more to come. Also, as you waste time looking for needed documents, your motivation disappears into thin air. 

  • We’ve all heard about the benefits of tidying up your desk thousands of times, but very few people actually try. I tried on myself, and I noticed it worked more often than not. Tidying up your space, and leaving in the open only what you actually need for your task, works wonders for your efficiency, so it is worth to devote a couple minutes to maintaining order in your workspace. Our serviced offices offer solid containers where you can store things you don’t need for the realization of your current work, and we recommend you use them. There are also many quiet places in our spaces, where you can go to focus on your work. Even if someone rents a “closed” office – they can go out and move to a quiet zone, use a phonebooth or a conference room. In coworking zones, maintaining order is obvious, since you never know which desk you are going to work at tomorrow. – Marta Kamińska form Solutions.Rent advises. 

Plan! One minute spent planning is ten minutes less spent working

Use to-do lists and calendars. Whether they come in a form of an app on your smartphone, or a physical notepad, write down all the things you are going to do during the day, and remember to set the time for each task. An interesting side effect of consistent planning is usually an increase in motivation, as everybody likes keeping promises made to themselves, don’t they? On the other hand, even if your plan is later changed, it still remains a plan. And one more thing – forget about multitasking. It is a very harmful myth. Your brain can truly focus only on one thing at a time. Set goals and priorities for each task.

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Sleep at least seven hours a day

It’s been proven that sleep improves productivity. Workers who sleep less than seven hours take sick-leave more often. Lack of sleep adversely affect our memory and concentration, and thus directly influence efficiency. No amount of coffee or energy drinks can compensate for the lack of sleep. Growing popularity of sleep time and quality monitoring apps shows that the awareness of this issue is rising.

Eliminate distractors

Social media notifications, talkative co-workers and aimless internet browsing are the biggest “productivity destructors.” While turning notifications off in your phone is usually quite easy, assertively telling your next desk neighbor that they make it impossible for you to focus can be rather challenging. Luckily it is slowly getting better. For those who work in coworking spaces, maintaining silence in the common area is simply a necessity. 

To sum up: take care of both your body and mind, focus on the benefits coming from realization of even the most onerous tasks, and the rest will come naturally. Despite of what you may think, we are hardwired for success and we achieve it as long as we don’t sabotage ourselves.

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