Seven questions you need to answer before renting an office

November 27 2020

Seven questions you need to answer before renting an office

Making a decision to rent an office during the pandemic is not easy. Not only for financial or HR-related reasons, but also for those related to your image. That is why you should ask yourself some key questions before taking that decision. 

– If the entire team works from home, the company can save a lot of money. That’s a fact. On the other hand, no office means no place for meeting clients and vendors. And that is a big problem – especially now, when all restaurants and cafés are closed. Apart from that, many employees want to go back to working at the office, because they miss contact with their co-workers or just want to get out of the house at last – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.  

What is the reason for renting an office?

Why have you decided to rent an office? Do you want to provide your team with a comfortable and safe working space? Or maybe you want to allow them to work shifts? 

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If you want to make sure that an office will answer your needs, instead of looking for a place to rent, think about a coworking space. Flexible terms and 24/7 availability offer many possibilities during the pandemic.

What is your motivation?

Do you want to rent an office to get out of the house? Do you miss contact with people and want to meet your co-workers at last? Quite understandable. The majority of people are tired of pandemic-related restrictions. 

If you haven’t thought about sharing an office yet, consider renting a coworking space.  There are many advantages: lower costs, new business contacts, more flexibility. The office can be adjusted to the needs of your team. 

Is there any space for growth?

Even if your company employs 10 people, that number could double next year. Is the office you want to rent able to accommodate this? Not planning to increase the number of employees? Think about new clients – your perspective may change quickly. 

What kind of amenities does your company need?

Think about what matters for your employees. A comfortable and ergonomic workplace – that’s for sure. Anything else? What do your clients expect? Consider amenities for the disabled, elevators, commercial premises. Listing your requirements will make it easier for you to find what you need and to make a decision. 

What kind of brand image do you want to create?

Think whether the interior style at the place you want to rent suits the company profile. Remember that vendors will visit that place. Classic, elegant interiors will be perfect for a law firm or a financial institution. Designer offices with unusual interiors will suit start-ups and creative industry companies. What type of an office interior will suit your brand? 

What about the location?

Convenient traffic routes, taxi stands, proximity to an airport or the city center are some important aspects you need to consider. Will the location of your new office be convenient for your clients? Take into consideration where your key employees live. Long commute times can discourage anyone and you surely do not want to lose your employees because of the office location.

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When deciding about renting an office, remember about available parking spaces. Even if there is a big parking lot available at you current location, you new office may not offer the same. 

What about the expenses?

The expenses of renting an office are much more than just the rent. Usually you need to pay the bills (electricity, water, waste disposal, security, cleaning company, Internet), parking spaces rental fees, often also the operating fees, including the costs of groceries or administration fees. Have you considered these expenses? A detailed calculation will allow you to objectively assess your offers. If you do not want to pay additional costs, consider renting an office at a coworking space, where the monthly rate does not depend on the number of coffee cups or pages printed.

When you change the seat of your company, remember to inform your vendors about the new address, change the KRS data and update your marketing materials. 

Are you looking for an office for your company? Click here and check what Solutions.Rent has to offer. 

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