Seven Effective Ways to Get More Energy on Friday Afternoon

May 20 2022

Seven Effective Ways to Get More Energy on Friday Afternoon

You hit the brick wall just before the end of the week? It’s quite normal. The bad side is that the joy you felt thinking about the coming weekend disappeared as soon as you’ve seen the mound of unfinished tasks before you. And there are only a couple hours left… What to do when caffeine no longer works, and your keyboard seems more and more like a comfy pillow? Perhaps you’ll find this post inspiring.  

The following are simple, tested and… surprisingly unpopular methods. It will take you less than five minutes to prepare and implement each of them:

Forget coffee!

The fifth one will not work, and a healthy stomach will sure come in handy over the weekend. Try yerba mate! Yes, it’s true – it may taste like a used mop for the uninitiated, but there is a way around it. Add orange or apple juice to the relatively weak brew. Your palate may discover an entirely new universe, and you will be able to finish your report at last. Trust us – it will fly by, as mate will unlock the hidden reserves in your brain. The one side effect may be writing really long and complex sentences… 


Falling asleep sitting seems to be an attractive proposition? Unless you are at the meeting, play your favorite song on Spotify… and move with the rhythm for about three minutes. Preferably standing up, but it’s not necessary. It is important that the song has a rhythm and a pace similar to your heart rate at the first meeting with your boss, though. Rhythmic moves and the music will snap you out of the excel induced stupor. Those around you? Who car… Let them join! Everyone needs workout before the weekend anyway. Even if you are not one of the “dancefloor warriors,” endorphins released will surely work their magic.

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Speaking of workplace-friendly pleasures of the flesh… have a piece of chocolate. Well, perhaps two. Maybe half a bar, as long as it’s the real stuff containing at least 80% cocoa. Tryptophan it contains will stimulate endorphins production, lift your mood, lower your stress levels, and make you sail towards the weekend with the grace of captain Jack Sparrow. Apart from caffeine and theobromine to give you more energy, sugar will also do the work while reducing your appetite, so there is no need to feel guilty of the few extra calories.


The next one is perhaps less flashy, but it’s healthier. Drink small amounts of non-sparkling mineral water regularly. Not tea, or coffee, or even juice – just get hydrated like a monsoon forest! Seriously – dehydrated body does not let your brain operate at peak efficiency. It’s scientifically proven!

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Hot spices

Do you have lunch at work? On Friday have something spicier than usual. Nothing makes your blood flow faster than capsaicin. Especially when you don’t usually eat spicy food. If you do, and you like extreme sensations provided by cayenne pepper for instance – you will have more endorphins released. Added bonus – tears welling up will soothe your screen-light tired eyes, so you don’t need eye drops.


Important – don’t tell your boss about the next one! Announce that you are AFK for about five minutes, and watch or listen to something really entertaining. It can be a stand-up comedy bit, a speech of the head of state (of your choosing) or a cabaret sketch from half a century ago. Diaphragm contractions, endorphins and additional oxygen coming to your brain provided by stifled laughter will do wonders.

Conversation with a close person

Call a loved one, if only to exchange good energy. Being in touch with another human, taking your mind off the pixels on the screen and sharing the news will refresh your mind like a cool shower after a hot day. Especially when you talk about what you will do together over the coming weekend.

Obviously, there is no one-size-fit-all solution for the end of the week weariness. It is, however, good to take your eyes off the screen and think about something different than your duties, even if only for a minute. Resting is all about change and getting away from the routine after all.

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