Quiet Quitting: What Is It, and How Can You Prevent It?

December 1 2022

Quiet Quitting: What Is It, and How Can You Prevent It?

According to a report by “State of the Global Workplace”, only 14% of Europeans find their work fulfilling and are engaged in it. The phenomenon of the so called “quiet quitting” is also spreading. What is it, and can it be prevented? Read on.

The quiet quitting is a specific shift in the attitude towards professional duties. It is a rejection of the cult of work, and giving up overtime or overworking Is it wrong? No. Quiet quitting means carrying out your contractual duties diligently for eight hours a day (if you work full time).

Work-life balance according to Gen Z

Quiet quitting is an attitude attributed to Gen Z – a generation currently entering the job market. They have a very clear line between their professional an personal lives. They don’t believe that their job is the most important value in their lives and they often decide not to go the extra mile, as far as their job is concerned.

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The young generation is rational in the way they conduct their professional duties. Quiet quitting means never checking your email or taking calls after hours. But it also means no emotional attachment to the workplace. This trend also includes respecting the value of your free time, work-life balance and assertiveness.

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The proponents of this trend explain that it is all about the change of the modes of thinking and priorities, but also taking care of your mental health and counteracting professional burnout. At its heart are the time for rest, pursuit of your passions and spending the time with your friends and family.

Did you know that…

The “Mental well-being at work” report by Nationale-Nederlanden shows that near 75% of employees in Poland experience high level of stress and deterioration of mental health.

How to remedy quiet quitting?

Employers are afraid of quiet quitting, because it is often accompanied by the decrease in productivity, work engagement and even overall company results decrease. How can it be prevented?

Review the salaries

In the time of ubiquitous inflation it may be a good idea to update salaries. Your employee should feel that they are appropriately compensated for their work.

Employer branding

A strong employer brand significantly affects employee’s attitudes. You simply enjoy working for some companies. That’s why it is a good idea to take care for internal PR and marketing. They can bring measurable benefits.

– An appropriate internal communication strategy can help not only in recruitment, but also in efficiently motivating employees and increasing their engagement – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, a creative owner at More Bananas marketing agency.

Appreciate your employee

Your employee should feel appreciated. It is not just about a promotion, pay rise or a bonus. Oral gratification is also important. Meetings, conversations, praise, noticing of what employee has done and appreciation of their contribution towards the company’s growth.

Take care of comfort

Employer’s engagement results in better employee well-being. The promotion of work-life balance, the mental health idea and making sure that the working conditions are comfortable are simple things to do to avoid employee disappointment.

Integration events and activities

Organization of industry events and getaways or company outings can be another idea how to increase the employees engagement and to build group identity.

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Employee benefits include trainings, sports cards, healthcare or co-funding a daycare or a preschool. It is a good idea not to simply copy/paste what other companies offer, but to make benefits you offer stand out.

Quiet quitting is the opposite of hustle culture – the cult of slaving away and devoting yourself entirely to your professional duties in order to achieve success. Zoomers distance themselves from their parents’ habits, who used to spend hours and hours at the workplace. No wonder. After all, nowadays everyone wants to take care about their work-life balance and comfort.

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