How to take care of the work space? Customize it!

April 11 2019

How to take care of the work space? Customize it!

According to the “How Millennials live, work and play” report, as much as 70% of young employees are able to exchange other benefits offered by the company in favor of a comfortable working space. We like to distinguish ourselves and want to work in office spaces for rent which inspire and motivate to act. This is also confirmed by results of a survey carried out by the British company Pod Space which shows that office design impacts work satisfaction. How to increase it? Customize your space!

A creative office

A desk in a coworking space constitutes your personal space. You can decorate in any way you want. A designer graphic, favorite movie poster, or perhaps a vacation photo? Regardless which option you choose – take care so that it refers to good memories. Thanks to them you will have a good start to your day, and if a crisis comes then you are going to handle it better.

Energetic colors

You’ve surely heard about the magic of colors. You know that they can have a positive impact and add energy. So when you decide on coworking and select your desk, focus on the colors. Place organizers, containers, notebooks in yellow, green, and red on your desk. Thanks to them you will have more energy and new ideas are going to come to you more often.

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You are the most important

Customizing the desk intends to have not only an aesthetic effect. Such actions aim primarily at creating a comfort zone. Apart from your favorite mug and pen be sure to take care of a customized schedule, calendar, funny desk gadget, or plant. Let it really be your space. Let it express your individualism and show who you are. This will make you feel at home.

Don’t forget that apart from customization, work ergonomics are also important. Make sure that you chair is at a proper height and at the right distance from the computer screen. Pay attention to proper lighting and… take regular breaks.

The more the merrier

The desk is customized? Great. However, work is not everything. Contacts and the highly popular coffee breaks are equally important in business. Check whether your coworking space includes a space in which you will be able to rest and establish relations with other people. At Solutions.Rent the kitchen constitutes such a place. Remember! Maintaining balance between work and friendly meetings is really important.

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Gensler UK Workforce Survey proves that the most important needs of employees include proper office design. As much as ¼ of employees agree that an open space design does not work in favor of productivity. As it turns out, more than half of managers could work more efficiently in better organized company spaces. The customization trend grows stronger.

After years of dominating open spaces, meaning spaces for shared work, the time has come for spaces adjusted to the needs of employees. Office facilities for rent are now not only functional but also designer, friendly, and open to new ideas. Their owners want to not only build their own brand but most importantly work in favor of the employees. And they want to work in offices which inspire and motivate to act.

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