How to take care of the atmosphere within the workplace

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Coworking w Warszawie

Research by TNS Polska shows that for 53% of employees work atmosphere is more important than position. However, that’s not all. The “I love my job” report shows that for Polish women the atmosphere at the company is more important than money. How to take care of a friendly work environment? We have a few verified tips!

Be likeable

Work atmosphere is created by people, meaning also you. Be likeable. Smile to others, treat coworkers in a friendly manner and with respect. You’ll see that they are going to repay you with the same. Sometimes a small gesture may result in a new friendship. Hold the elevator if you see that someone is running towards it. Regardless whether you are working in a large office building in Warsaw or a small office for rent, take care of interpersonal relations. Your daily life consists of them.

Listen to others

Is someone looking for a chance to talk to you? Show enthusiasm and interest. Look the other person in the eye, put down your phone, and actively listen to what your coworker has to say. Such an attitude can result in many advantages. New contacts, colleagues, or maybe even friendships?

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Be an optimist

Nobody likes pessimists. Their attitude is contagious. And after all, constant nagging doesn’t lead anywhere. It can only ruin the atmosphere for no reason. So at work try to be the best version of you. Cheerful people are perceived in a more positive manner and their competences are significantly higher.

Don’t gossip

Gossiping, hurtful comments or remarks towards other employees can have a negative impact on the work atmosphere but also you. So respect coworkers. Don’t judge them rashly, and leave the comments about your team, manager, or boss to yourself.

Get a grip on your emotions

Don’t transfer your private life into the company. If you have personal problems, leave them outside the office doors. Don’t introduce problems to work because it won’t end well. Don’t let it out on others because something didn’t go as you’ve planned. The atmosphere within the team is tense? Try to solve conflicts without unnecessary arguing. Focus on the problem and developing a compromise. Emotions are not a good adviser.


If someone from your team needs help, then just help that person. Gratuitously. You will gain in the eyes of your coworkers and maybe even save the entire project? After all if someone won’t fulfill the task then everyone may lose. Be a part of the team!

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Get rid of bad habits

Irritating habits may successfully make the work of the entire team onerous. You know what this is about? Loud phone calls, gossip, rumors, breaking the principles of savoir-vivre. There is no place for this at the workplace. Adjust to the principles within the office. If everyone will do the same then good atmosphere is guaranteed.


Do you want to form friendly relations within the team? Propose integration. Regardless whether you are working in a coworking in Warsaw or a small office facility for rent, you show initiative. Having lunch together or coffee after work? Sounds great! Remember that spending time together works in favor of building lasting relations.

Are you a team leader or manager? Take care of a well fitted team. Bad atmosphere at work impacts the loss of efficiency, lower productivity, and often reduces the company’s financial results.

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