How to Prepare Client Offers? Five Tips

June 2 2023

How to Prepare Client Offers? Five Tips

Yet another time your offer was rejected by the client, and you still don’t know where you went wrong? After all, you spent whole ten days working on it, and you ironed out all the details. But can you be sure? Learn how you can prepare your offer to increase the conversion rate. Read on.

What should an offer include?

In order not to forget anything, it’s a good idea to prepare a template and base all your presentations on it. It can contain such elements as: 

  • company details,
  • realizations so far, 
  • a presentation of your product/service, 
  • a description of a product/service on offer along with the benefits it brings,
  • price list, 
  • references from previous clients, 
  • contact details.

Considering the needs and tailoring your offer

Before you move on to preparing your offer, learn about the client’s organization and their needs. It’s a very important step, which will let you tailor your offer. Read the descriptions, opinions, learn to whom they address their products or services, and think what you can do to help them realize their goals. This will make your client see that you’ve done your homework, and they will more likely choose you over your competition. 

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Company details and realizations so far 

Putting a short mention about your company and its profile is very important. Why? Because your client receives many offers, and in all likelihood they don’t have the time to additionally check where they come from. Write down what you specialize in, how long you have been around, if you have experience in the particular industry, and make sure there is the full range of your services there as well. Present the realizations you have implemented so far and the clients you have worked for. You can add their opinions and attach evidence of goal realization, for example: “Thanks to X, we were able to increase sales of Y in the time of Z.” This will show your effectiveness and increase brand trust. Don’t forget about the contact information of the person responsible for customer service. 

Simplicity and aesthetics 

Hardly anyone has the time to read a 150-page presentation all typed in small font. Avoid industry jargon, but also steer away from the catchy advertising slogans and hard to decipher metaphors. Focus on the language of benefits, simple and easily understood message and clarity. Aesthetics should be in line with your organization’s visual identity. Proper language, correct grammar and style are paramount, as they show the level of your professionalism. 

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Unique selling proposition

As you probably know, the client sent a request for proposal to many companies. For them to choose yours, your offer needs to stand out. Figure out what makes you unique. What does your competition offer, what do you? Match it to particular needs and pay attention to details. It can be comprehensive services, experience in a particular industry, great opinions about cooperation with you or short realization times. 

These five tips will help you create a document well suited to your client’s needs and increase the chance for your offer to be chosen. Each of the elements mentioned above can be freely adjusted, removed or added at will, depending on what your client needs. 

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