Five rules for motivating employees according to Ken Blanchard

August 26 2022

Five rules for motivating employees according to Ken Blanchard

An modern company without a motivational base is hardly imaginable these days. We associate motivating employees with a range of benefits that companies use to incentivize future coworkers to join their organization. However, the essence of motivating is different. 

What would you say about the approach of a former Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Gen. Creighton Abrams, who once said “Soldiers are not in the Army. They are the Army”? If you have not come across the notion of “servant leadership” so far, you must absolutely read “Servant leadership in Action” by Ken Blanchard. One of its chapters presents a motivational lesson that has originated from the military and is ready to use out of the box. Reviewing it will be well worth your time – it is good to be inspired by the best, after all.

“Be faithful to your oaths and values”

Every company has its set of values. Each one sets its own goals, although their common objective is to achieve the best possible results. According to the author of the above mentioned book, a leader who is committed to their organization and coworkers, should stand out with faithfulness to their beliefs and values, just like a soldier who takes an oath when joining the army. Motivating employees must have a solid foundation in the supervisor who is a role model for his employees. Remember then to walk the talk that you give your team at the beginning of your cooperation at all costs.

“Listen by pricking up your ears”

Listening skills seem obvious when thinking about a professional hierarchy. They are however not always used. A motivated employee knows that they can reach out to their supervisor not only with their observations and new ideas, but also with any issues and the supervisor will always hear them out. Being alert to what other employees are saying about their supervisor can be challenging in the monotony of a working day. If, however, they make the effort to draw their supervisor’s attention to a certain issue, it is worth devoting your time to it. It means that you cannot forget to stay alert and actually even empathetic. What your coworkers say about you may turn out to be a lesson that you can draw conclusions from. 

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“Develop leaders tirelessly”

Another motivational element for the team is its development. Noticing potential in employees will translate into inspiring staff to develop their talents. How is it done in the army? The book that inspired writing this article points out three ways: investing in periodic training and education, leadership development programs and an ongoing lower-level leadership development. The last element belongs to the everyday responsibilities of a soldier. Finding and supporting people in their development is undoubtedly a feature of a servant leader. This is why you must keep an eye out for the ongoing development of your employees. And if you also find out that one of them has a talent that you were not aware of, seizing this potential can become a great asset for your company.

“Communicate the motives and intentions of your actions”

Being a visionary is a leader’s characteristic. The military describes the determinants of a successful operation in detail. Thus it brings together the goal behind the actions being undertaken with the probability of achieving them. It is crucial for leaders to understand the motives and intentions of their CO’ actions. So express yourself clearly and present the goals and motives behind your actions. Communication within a team is vital and it all starts with the supervisor.

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“Build relationships based on trust”

Nobody needs to be persuaded that trust matters a lot in a team. If there’s none, there’s no efficiency, all decisions are being questioned and discipline is lacking. There is no a chance to create a motivated team in such an atmosphere. If, however, employees can trust their supervisors and count on them, they are also willing to make commitments. So please note – if your team trust you, cherish it. You’re bound to reap the fruits of trust between the employee and supervisor.

And what’s your take on such a view on motivating employees? What about an approach where it all starts with a strong and servant leader who is a role model for others and at the same time remains on the same level as their team?

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