Five reasons why you should take care of your LinkedIn profile

November 18 2022

Five reasons why you should take care of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the largest social media service which specializes in professional and business contacts. Its community is over 810 million users in over 200 countries worldwide. The service itself in within top ten fastest growing international platforms. Do you still have any doubt as to why you should take care of your LinkedIn private profile?

The first step towards a new job

An up-to-date and complete LinkedIn profile is your first step towards a new job. Why? Most recruiters conduct a thorough research before inviting a candidate for an interview. Where do you think they look first? Bingo! LinkedIn. That’s why you need to take care of a good first impression and manage the content a prospective employer will see. It’ll really pay off. LinkedIn is a place where you can find a job of your dreams, matching your professional experience and skills.


Your LinkedIn profile should be complete. Provide all the information such as skills, courses taken, experience, portfolio. Add a professional picture and take care of your network of contacts.

LinkedIn profile optimization:

  1. Add a professional profile picture
  2. Change a background photo
  3. Take care of the header
  4. Add professional summary
  5. List professional experience
  6. Add skills
  7. Get referrals
  8. Fill in contact details
  9. Take care of your URL

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Strong personal brand

LinkedIn is a great place for building your personal brand. After all, where else would you do that? Being active on the platform and sharing useful, insightful content can help you become an industry expert.

– What do you start building your personal brand with? With setting a goal. Answer the question: What do you need a consciously built personal brand for? Then think who you are, and what you want to show other people. This is a foundation for building a personal brand – says Anna Ledwoń-Blacha of More Bananas agency.

A strong personal brand will help you promote your business, reach more clients and earn consumers’ trust.

Industry leader

Do you like your job? Have professional topics become your passion? Show it! Be active and prove that a given field really interests you. Take part in discussions, join groups, try to keep your entries substantive. If you get involved in such activities, you may become an industry leader, and this will help you sell your products or services – it is called social selling.

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Did you know that…

If someone googles your name, usually the first result they see will be your LinkedIn profile.

Business partner

Your LinkedIn network of contacts can bring you numerous benefits. So when you are present at an industry event, you train others or teach – take care of your networking. You can simply add a slide to your presentation:

“Let’s talk on LinkedIn” – or just invite your industry colleagues to a conversation yourself. Your network of contacts can be useful when you’re looking for a business partner.

Loyal clients

On LinkedIn, business owners, managers, and top level management build relations with consumers, acquire clients and take care of employer branding. There is no doubt that business relations based on trust drive sales.

LinkedIn is an effective tool for building valuable relations, brand promotion and becoming an industry leader. Here is where you will find your dream job or a business partner.

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