Five reasons why commission experts to do your recruitment

October 8 2021

Five reasons why commission experts to do your recruitment

It is said civilization started for good when we accepted the fact that we do not need to be good at everything. Today we know that some activities and processes are better left to an experienced, knowledgeable and talented person but we still take the brunt of the recruitment process at our companies. Isn’t that right? 

Even though recruitment experts have been around for a long time, many entrepreneurs still want to take care of headhunting and verification of candidates by themselves. As long as getting involved in the final stage of an employment process does not raise a red flag, should company owners really review resumes, cover letters and arrange interviews? There’s a number of reasons for which commissioning this processes to experts is beneficial:

Saves your time (and also money)

Even if you blaze through publishing job postings, reading and analyzing application papers, arrange interviews with a single call and every candidate shows up as planned and takes as much time as necessary… still you have to repeat the sequence of activities dozens of times before you hire the right employees. The more niche the business and the more sophisticated the specialty, the more time you will need to devote. And time is your most precious, non-renewable resource that you could perhaps be better spent on the development of your company.

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Knowledge and experience in recruitment 

Working as a recruiter requires not only a diploma or a certificate, but also an almost instinctive ability, that is cultivated during interviews, to differentiate promising candidates from … the rest. Without exaggeration, you can assume that an experienced expert will be able to shortlist final candidates twice as fast and more accurately than you.

An interview is a demanding process

In case of every person applying for a position at your company, a meeting in person will be necessary sooner or later. Coming unprepared, in a rush, pre-occupied with current matters, selecting the inappropriate environment or arranging an undesirable meeting with other candidates can ruin an up-and-coming recruitment, discourage future employees and deprive your business of valuable support. 

– Your interview venues must fulfil a number of requirements. Many among our clients recruit a few times per year, so we know quite well what their expectations are. It is necessary to keep an appropriate time discipline and ensure the proper setting for an interview, as well as secure confidentiality. At, the former has been on our minds from the very beginning and as we wanted to attract recruiting companies, we arranged the space and provided appropriate rooms for individual meetings. Starting off a conversation with a candidate with a fragrant cup of coffee in a an elegant interior and with guaranteed full confidentiality is much better, says Marta Kamińska from

Own candidate pools

Every self-respecting recruiting company consistently builds their own, legal bases of candidates to offer future job postings to. These are guarded data resources, practically off-the-limits to the “rest of the world”. For example, recruiting a front end developer will take you several weeks, while a specialized agency will spend less than 20 minutes to a shortlist the appropriate candidates to participate in the project, later to be confirmed via phone.

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Social recruiting

Social networks have been a priceless assistance in the recruitment process from the very beginning. They allow to both reach candidates with postings as well as screen candidates. Against all appearances, this also requires the ability to fully focus on the process in order to communicate the appropriate job posting in the right way, reply to questions asked by candidates immediately and carry out background screenings, i.e. assessing if a person is trustworthy.

It cannot be denied that in order to finalize a recruitment process one needs to answer the question “do I want to work with you?” It does not change the fact that it’s still worthwhile to entrust the earlier stages of the process to experts who are focused on their duties and have their own pools of proven candidates at their disposal.

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