Five New Things in Social Media Everyone Should Know

November 4 2022

Five New Things in Social Media Everyone Should Know

Do you feel it is hard to keep up with all the new features of social media? You’re right. The world of social media changes at a surprising rate. Go on to read about new trends and features that will dominate at the turn of 2022.

BeReal surprises us every day

The app was created in 2020, and it was designed by the French. It’s stands out because… it focuses on authenticity. Every day, at a different hour, you receive a “BeReal” notification, which tells you to take a picture and post it in the service. You have… less than two minutes to do it. If you can’t do it on time, your picture will be published, but it will be available only until the next notification. You can’t access the history of the pictures posted by others, but in the calendar you can review your “moments of truth” gallery.

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YouTube Nick

Tags in comments and posts on a community tab on YouTube? Yes! Even if you visit the site once a month, you need to know that it introduces nicks – you may know them well from other platforms. Thanks to them others can add mentions about you in their comments and posts. There is still time to pick your nick. If you fail to do so until 14 November 2022, YouTube will automatically assign one to you, but you’ll later be able to change it in YouTube Studio.

Facebook Invitations

On Facebook, you can invite many people reacting to your posts at once to observe a page. All you need to do is to click the number of reactions to the post, an ad or a comment, and a drop down list of those who reacted will appear. The “Invite” button will be next to them. Remember that you can use it only once, so it is perhaps better to focus on positive reactions. Anything else? You can include even those who reacted to your content several years ago, so it is worth finding the most involving posts and… have at it!

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Time for Discord

Yes, that’s right. What you might be thinking of as just a communicator for gamers, has grown during the pandemic to be a wide range community – and it keeps growing! The source of its success is not only he lack of obnoxious ads. Discord allows for both text and voice communication, and is also easier to use than most platforms. It resides somewhere in between a Facebook group, a chat and an Internet forum. You can share content, have livestreams, create polls, use bots or just talk. Simplicity, moderation and usability.

Spontaneous TikTok Now

TikTok took social media by storm. It’s no wonder that it introduces new features all the time. Now you have an opportunity to shoot up to 10 second videos or to capture image from two cameras – front and back at the same time. Much like in the case of BeReal, you never know when the moment of publication comes – one time it will be 8:00 AM, another 2:00 PM or even 10.00 PM. And again, like with BeReal, you only have two minutes to do it.

These five new things in social media will make you keep up with the ever-changing world of Internet. Track what’s going on around you, create engaging content for your followers and always keep current.

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