Five facts about company podcasts

July 30 2021

Five facts about company podcasts

Over 30% of internet users in Poland listen to podcasts and this number grows each day. The main advantage of podcasts is time efficiency – they allow the audience to listen to useful information while doing other things. Do you want to check podcast effectiveness in your company’s marketing strategy? This is what you need to remember.

Podcasts affect purchase decisions

Not so long ago the marketing power of podcasts could be questioned, however since June 2021 we have research results at our disposal.

– We know that the appearance of a brand in a podcast influences purchase decisions of as many as 75% of listeners worldwide – according to IAB-Edison Research data. In Poland, a real explosion happened last year. According to Voxnest Poland, we are in the top ten of podcast markets in the world. As shown by the “Podcast Listener in Poland 2020” study, 65% of all podcast lovers started to listen to them in 2020, 27% of the participants pointed out that during the pandemic they devoted more time to listening, and over 50% of all listeners are people with higher education – states Anna Ledwoń-Blacha, creative owner of More Bananas agency.

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A podcast has to be credible and substantive

The most commonly listened to and shared podcasts are both useful and authentic. The latter is key, because while it is not hard to find experts in most fields, a precious few know how to share their knowledge with passion and in a credible way. Minor missteps will be easily overlooked, if genuine interest in the subject matter and sincere willingness to share the knowledge with the audience can be heard in your podcast.

Regular publications are necessary for the podcast to be effective

Regular? How often exactly? Almost half of the 25 best ITunes podcasts appear once a week (source:Buffer). The other half appear once every two weeks. Some, however few, don’t follow any publishing schedule. This suggests that not the intervals themselves, but the predictability of appearance of new content is what wins listeners over. As far as the particular publication day is concerned – Tuesdays seem to be the most popular.

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Exploit the subject, not your audience

The average length of successful podcast is 22 minutes (source: Stitcher). According to studies this is the maximum time we can devote to a single speaker. Beyond that we get bored, so even if you couldn’t make all the points you wanted to, just announce the next part with the rest of the content and finish the recording.

Very low entry threshold

For starters you need: 

  • a well thought through idea about subsequent episodes (do you run a company blog? Half the job is already done!); 
  • development strategy (you need it, even if it is just a single page long); 
  • audio recording equipment such as a laptop and a microphone, (which can be as cheap as PLN 200);
  • a room with minimal background noise.

The hardest thing to find is the time for the recording itself as well as editing, however the opportunity to reach potential clients through the new channel of communication is an enormous benefit. The rising awareness about your brand, building an image of an expert, detailed information concerning your products and services, or the ability to create content based on your audience’s questions are only the most important of those.

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