Do you work at a computer? Here are five eye-care tips for you!

September 23 2022

Do you work at a computer? Here are five eye-care tips for you!

Are you aware how important it is to protect your eyes when working at a computer? Neglecting this may lead not only to visual acuity loss, but also to the so-called dry eye syndrome, as well as pain and burning sensation. When working at a computer, you are constantly focused on the display and you blink significantly less than needed, which is a straight way to problems. How to care of your eyes when working at a computer? Keep reading!

Get protective glasses or contact lenses

Start with appropriate glasses or contact lenses. Are you eagle-eyed? Congratulations! However, it is worth it to get anti-reflective glasses with blue-light filter. They will protect your eyes and prevent them from quickly getting tired during work. If you use contact lenses, ensure they have a high oxygen permeability. Do you know that there are special types of contact lenses intended for computer users? They control the light inflow to the eye and filter the blue light from the display. It is the best to use them interchangeably with glasses which provide the same effect.

Ensure a correct display positioning

Most people working at a computer have an incorrectly positioned display. It should be located at a distance of 50–70 centimeters from your face and 10–20 centimeters below the eye level. The main purpose of this is ensure comfortable reading without squinting at the text and stooping. Are you ashamed to increase the font size in your documents? You should realize that there is a reason for making this option available with keyboard shortcuts in every text editor. So, if you catch yourself squinting during work, use Ctrl + i. Instead of caring about what your colleagues might think, care for your comfort and good eyesight.

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Select appropriate lighting 

Work using the daylight as long as possible – this is the healthiest option for your eyes. Place your computer sideways to a window and after it gets dark outside, light your workplace using a lamp, which provides you with comfortable vision. If possible, use desk lamps with bulbs emitting as little blue light as possible (marked as “less blue”) and choose the ones with neutral color temperatures

Ensure your eyes are moisturized

Do you sometimes feel your eyes are dry or gritty? You definitely need to buy some eyedrops. They will provide only a short-term relief, but you need to start from something, right? It is the best to choose the eyedrops which contain only a single moisturizing substance and have a long use period after opening.

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Wearing contact lenses? Check if the eyedrops won’t damage their structure. Preferably, ask your ophthalmologist about this. It is also a good idea to use an air humidifier located near your desk.

Exercise… your eyes

Remember to make 5-minute breaks after each hour of looking at the screen. In addition you can also exercise your eyes. How?

Firstly, blink often and regularly. Yes, you have to remember about this at the beginning, but this effort will really pay off. The second exercise is to look in the direction of the sun with your eyes closed and cover the left eye and right one in turns. The third one is to look once in a while at a point located further away, for example, at the greenery outside your window. The fourth one involves looking in turns at an object located close and at another one located further away. The fifth one is rolling your eyes up, down, right and left, as well as making “eight-like” movements with them. It is also good to have some round or irregular shape within your field of vision and to “outline” its contour with your eyes several times.

And finally, remember about regular visits at your ophthalmologist. Even if you have a perfect eyesight, go to your ophthalmologist for a check-up at least once a year. Spending eight hours per day using a computer is one of significant risk factors of many eye conditions. If you notice any decrease in visual acuity, scotomas, stains or light flashes, double vision or pain, treat these symptoms seriously and make sure to visit a specialist.

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