Employer branding starts with job posting – here are 7 proofs

June 24 2022

Employer branding starts with job posting – here are 7 proofs

Employer branding includes activities meant to create the image of an attractive employer, while job posting are very often the brand’s first point of contact. That’s why you should ensure an attractive format, clear content and… some more elements described below. 

Everybody knows that something like a perfect job posting doesn’t exist. Each posting has to be adjusted to the company and position, however there are a several elements of a job posting that … shape the image of the company.

Concise and specific offer title

Make sure your title is concise but also describes the specific position in a precise way. Jr Purchasing Specialist [DE] is a good example. Short and to the point. Clear for anyone actually interested. There are other ways to word this: “Purchasing Junior Accounting Specialist with German”. 

When it comes to position names, there is no one universal principle. Some industries have developed a consistent naming convention, but apart from foreign companies, the approach is inconsistent. When in doubt about the proper name for the position you are currently recruiting, simply read up on the offers published by the competition. This will also pay off by giving you more insight into the scope of responsibilities and requirements for different position ranks.

Position rank – precisely or not at all

Regardless of the hiring company’s size, make sure that the name of the position matches the actual requirements. If you expect at least 4 years of experience, this is not for a Junior Accounting Specialist, even if Finance said so. Unfortunately, there are no clear guidelines as to what number of years of experience authorizes the use of the word “senior” in the position name. If you do not want to define the position rank – it is not necessary. Simply ensure that the body of your offer clearly defines how many years of experience you expect.

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Scope of responsibilities and terms of employment

There’s no doubt that a job posting must contain the scope of responsibilities. However, make sure that it is not too extensive. It should also include the tasks that are the most representative for this position. For instance – almost everyone has to draft report for their superior, so just omit this from your posting, as it is not very representative. Details, details, details. These are very important, especially if you want suitable candidates to apply and not the ones looking for “any” employment. The latter are successfully brushed off by providing a specific scope of responsibilities. 

Do remember to provide the available forms of cooperation for each offer. Does the company prefer B2B contracts? Maybe a contract for performance of specific tasks will also be fine? This is a “must have” in every announcement. Know that omitting this from your offer gives rise to suspicions on the part of the candidates.

Try to avoid a set pattern!

Have the scope of responsibilities and terms of employment been settled? Now it’s high time to start editing the rest of the content. If you hear terms such as “leading producer”, “industry leader”, “stable employment”, “positive atmosphere” or “dynamic team” – delete them this instant. They already gave raise to too many memes. If besides recruitment you are also mindful of employer branding, use your brain and bet on creativity.

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Imaginative job postings attract attention of candidates and create a positive image of the company at the same time. Their style should reflect the good atmosphere offered by the company. You can also diversify the offer using emojis and interesting graphics or images, but also a gif or a short video. However, try not to exaggerate being “cool”, because your announcement may become viral and make a fool of the company. Authenticity, honesty, distance, creativity and brevity are all in nowadays. 

“What is the scope of responsibilities of the employer?”

It happens very often that companies prepare several points regarding the expectations they want their candidates to meet and what they want from them. They however fail to mention what they could offer and why candidates should apply to them and not for a similar position with the competition. Do not make this mistake, because many valuable candidates will not even bother to move their cursor to find out. 

People considering work at a specific company will surely be interested in the way they could develop themselves there. Therefore your offer should detail the career path related to the specific position in a few sentences. You will not believe how many candidates you can convince to your offer with this one fragment. 

Benefits? Mention some, but not all of them

Finally, have a look at the content of the offer and consider what non-obvious perks it has to offer. Designer interiors at the office? Prestigious company location in the city center? Certified courses paid for by the company? Remote or hybrid work options? 20 days of paid holiday leave regardless of the cooperation form A dog-friendly office? If such an option is offered by the employer, be sure to mention this. You can omit the information about a company laptop.

“We’ll call you” or maybe something more?


It’s definitely worth to include a brief description of the recruitment process in your offer. Give an exact CV submission date, whether the interview will be conducted online or do you have appear at the office. Will the candidate receive a task to perform? When can they expect to receive information about being accepted to the next stage? Who will get in touch with them and in what way? Answers to these questions should be included in the offer. What’s most important – each of those commitments has to be met. Otherwise, the employer’s image will suffer badly. 

What else should you keep in mind? Spell-check is obligatorily. Do another one just in case. Additionally, before publishing, ask at least one person from your company to read the whole content carefully and share any suggestions they may have. “A second pair of eyes always see more” – your employer image is at stake.

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