Eight Steps towards Better Time Management

May 29 2023

Eight Steps towards Better Time Management

Are you always lacking time? Does your day seem to short, and yet again you fail to do everything you planned for the day? Doesn’t everybody have such problem? Not necessarily. Learn several ways to manage your time better.

– Numerous studies show that the maximum time we can stay focused on one task is 90 minutes. From this perspective there is no point working more any longer. Take breaks. They let us keep our minds sharp, but also help us manage our time better – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.Rent.

Multitasking? No!

Several tasks at once – each and every one of them urgent? A multitude of details and things to pay attention to introduce chaos to your work. Rather than accelerate your work, multitasking will only make you more stressed. Focus on one thing. Once it’s finished, move on to the next. This way you’ll be able increase your productivity during the day.

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Set priorities

Start your day with making a priorities list. Which tasks are the most important? Which ones can be postponed to a later date? Which can be delegated to other team members? Try to fit the most important tasks in the first half of the day. The closer you are to leaving your office, the less enthusiasm you’ll have towards realization of your tasks, won’t you?

Did you know…

there is a general rule to help you keep the balance during your day? One day – one big task. Add several smaller tasks to your main one, but try to have no more than five.

Set your goals

Before you execute a particular task – set yourself a goal. When it’s there for you to see, it is easier to achieve it. Well planned work is the first step towards better time management. Estimate how much time it will take you to realize individual tasks, and then measure it with one of the available tools like Clockify. A work time counter will provide additional source of motivation and will teach you value your work better.

Organize your space

You don’t need to be pedantic about it, but it will save you some time during the day. A simple rule says that things need to be put back in their place. Think how much time you can gain if you don’t waste it every day looking for your charger, your wireless earphones or your glasses. These are valuable minutes, aren’t they?

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Introduce rules

If you can co something in less than two minutes – do it now. Does this rule sound familiar? Try applying it in your everyday life. Microtasks – task that can be done in mere moments – don’t need to wait for the end of the day. They can be done immediately, and so you’ll be able to check more items on your “to do” list.

Use available tools

Obviously, tools make work, planning and time management easier. From notebooks and diaries, through the working time monitoring systems, all the way to the team or project management tools like Asana or Trello. They are well worth using, as they help you keep tasks in order and manage them in time. Choose your favorite one and enjoy it every day!

Use your free moments

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste in traffic jams? Waiting at the doctor’s lounge, perhaps in line at the grocer’s? Use it! Sure, you won’t be able to work on your laptop, but a free 15 minutes can be used for listening to an audiobook or learning a foreign language in one of the popular apps. Your time? Saved!

Say stop

When your eyes are drawn to yet another celebrity gossip portal, Instagram or Facebook feed, just say: STOP! You are about to waste valuable time by surfing the web with no particular purpose. Learning about the latest show-business scandal, or browsing through another travel photo album of your friends, won’t make you realize your goals, and for sure, won’t teach you better time management.

After all, you should use your time at work for doing your job. Try to keep balance, though. Take breaks – five minutes every hour (and a longer one every four hours). When you’re tired, you are prone to making mistakes. It’s not worth it.

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