Eco-coworking? Our answer is YES!

December 13 2018

Eco-coworking? Our answer is YES!

The ecological awareness of Poles is increasing from year to year. Smog is becoming more and more serious issue, we put on face masks and invest in air purifiers. Waste is segregated according to the colors of garbage containers. We pay more attention to what we eat and more eagerly reach for organic products. Ecology is important to us and thanks to it has become fashionable. It is not surprising, therefore, that the trend called eco-coworking is gaining momentum.

Is it just eco-fashion?

Many people think that ecology is just a trend from Instagram profiles of fit models and personal trainers. Is it really so? Poles behavior indicates that no. We consciously choose an ecological lifestyle because we know how much we can gain due to it. Health, well-being, but also energy saving, and thus saving money. Nevertheless, there is something much more important. Protecting the environment, we hope that it will pay off in the future, and our children and grandchildren will be able to grow up in clean and friendly surroundings. That’s why we wish to live and work in ecological conditions.

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Greenery, above all

What does the eco-office look like? It is primarily full of plants. The best are those that absorb pollutants, and among them are: dracaena, ivy, spider plant, aloe vera, chrysanthemums, ferns, sansevieria. Of course, the plants will not completely remove the smog, but they will improve the air quality in the office. In addition, studies conducted by the University of Northwestern show that the presence of plants in the office improves the mood and has a positive effect on well-being. And as you know, with better humor, you work far better.

Respect for trees

Everybody knows that there is no need to print the content of any email. Eco-coworking also assumes giving up printing of documents which paper form is not necessary. If, after reading them, the papers are in the trash can, it means that they are not really worth printing. Less paper used is less cut trees, and thus more oxygen.

Printing is not the only thing that we can reduce to avoid wasting paper. A4 sheets, on which notes are most often made, can be divided into parts and thus the paper will be saved. Of course, you can also use mobile devices to take notes.

Body hydration – crucial issue

Proper hydration of the body is the key to a balanced diet. However, when you want to make yourself a cup of tea, do not boil a full kettle of water. You waste your time, electricity and water. Another person who will want to drink coffee, probably pour out the contents of the kettle and fill it again.

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No stress and no traffic jams

Ubiquitous smog and traffic jams are an effective motivation to convert a car into public transport. And that’s good! You can save time and nerves, and at the same time you are eco-friendly. Just think about it, you do not need to waste time in traffic jams and contribute to increasing air pollution, you can easily get to the office by bike, metro, bus or tram. Solutions.Rent is located in Śródmieście, therefore, getting here from any part of the city is not a problem.

The eco-coworking trend is growing significantly. More and more companies take care of the natural environment and give up practices that may harm it. Solutions.Rent is also one of them. Ecological solutions used in our office have been confirmed with the BREEAM certificate at an excellent level. We provide not only an inspiring space to operate, but we also guarantee the highest comfort of work.

Are you interested in how the work at Solutions.Rent looks like? Come on a trial day. We are sure that you will want to stay with us for longer.

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