Corporation or Startup? Pros and cons

January 20 2023

Corporation or Startup? Pros and cons

Both a corporation and a startup have a lot advantages and disadvantages. Working in one of them may be a lot more interesting and satisfying than the other, depending on your priorities, personal characteristics and specific profession. What should you choose? Read on. 

– “Infant startups often decide to use coworking spaces. A small team, irregular working hours and possibility to get things done remotely make your own office superfluous,” says Rafał Wilk, COO at Solutions.Rent

Advantages and disadvantages of a corporation

A corporation is a large international company. Young employees often decide to join it. This can be substantiated.

Corporations employ thousands of people and have financial securities. This means that they are stabile and the probability of them becoming bankrupt all of a sudden is close to zero. It is a good choice if you care for stabile employment.

In addition, a multitude of benefits is a big plus. Standard benefits include a healthcare package, MultiSport card, education financing and subsidies, business travel opportunities. If you want to get promoted and plan your professional development, your career path will be clearly defined here. All promotions and role changes are structured.

Unfortunately, corporations are not only advantages. They will not work for people who value freedom and independence. Established rules and authorization of every decision by a sequence of people are an everyday standard. This involves a lot of pressure, stress and frustration. The feeling of having no control over the functioning and development of the company with high expectations at the same time can lead to a fast burnout.

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For whom would a corporation be a right pick?

Working in a corporation will be appropriate for people who value stability and established rules of conduct. It will work if you have predefined career goals. In addition to the promotion opportunities, an international company looks nice in your resume and it can open some career paths in the future. It is also beneficial to invest in your professional relations and meet people who can have impact on your further career.

Advantages and disadvantages of a startup

A startup is a great solution for people who focus on flexibility and learning. Due to the fact that the structures have not yet been organized, your work can involve changing your scope of duties or even roles. This allows you to try different things and check what will be the best for you.

Independence and creativity are also what matters in startups. Solving problems and looking for new, better ways. In comparison to corporations, you have a greater freedom of action unrestrained by procedures here.

The above advantages may be disadvantages for some. Do not choose a startup if you do not like risk and you value stability. Usually, these companies are not as stabile as corporations, at least at the beginning.

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For whom would a startup be a right pick?

A startup is a good solution for those who value autonomy, flexibility and development. If you are creative, like teamworking, want to have a real impact on the development of the company, this will be a good place for you.

In your professional career you should try various places. Only then will you be able to make an informed choice in respect to the best solution for you and determine your priorities for choosing your employer.

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