6 sentences a project manager should use regularly

January 16 2019

6 sentences a project manager should use regularly

Are you a project manager? There are certain sentences which you can, or even should repeat every day, and your team will never get bored of them. Even though they may seem as completely ordinary, it’s good when using them regularly becomes a habit.

You can do it

Difficult moments when executing tasks constitute an integral part of a project manager’s work. After all, something can always go wrong, someone will forget about something, and deadlines get closer with the speed of light.

The team is stressed out, or even worse – bored with applying following adjustments and you have to keep up with the deadlines. In such situations, an ordinary “you can do it” spoken out loud to the right person constitutes the best solution.

If it’s followed by full and factual support then you’re halfway to achieving success. Managing a team in a way which shows support and faith in the team members constitutes one of the best management models.

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You can do better

The psychology of having impact on people has worked out a number of approaches concerning business relations. One of these includes the so called Rosenthal effect which proves that an employee is capable of achieving better results if others believe in that person. Why? The employee does it subconsciously. Instead of criticizing shortcomings – just say “you can do better”.

Similar assumptions are included in the so called Galatea effect which suggests that positive expectations towards team members result in that they act in accordance with the set plan. Be an optimist and believe in your team. There is a profit in it!

What do you propose?

It’s true that making decisions constitutes the domain of a project manager, but it’s absolutely fine to talk with the team when executing a task, and to ask the members for their opinions. Looking for solutions together develops creativity, integrates, and teaches constructive thinking. Apart from that, problems aren’t so big when they are divided among a few people, and as the old saying goes “two heads are better than one”.

I was wrong

Contrary to popular belief, admitting to a mistake is not a sign of weakness but strength. The fact that a project manager is able to notice that he or she made a mistake, and additionally admit it publically, can be regarded as an act of courage. After all there are no infallible people, but plenty big-headed ones. A person who apart from great management shows a human face will gain not only respect but also the team’s support.

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Good job

Remember when back at school you were happy whenever the teacher praised you? Not much has changed since then. We are still eager to hear compliments and words of appreciation. So appreciate your team. Eight hours behind the desk may become a real challenge, even more so when it is fully effective and leads to executing the project. Apart from that, patting coworkers on the back constitutes the simplest thing you can do each day and does not require a lot of effort.

Thanks for today

Saying “thank you” for working together is not only a sign of good manners. Taking into consideration the psychological aspects, employees remember best what happens in the morning and just before leaving the office or coworking space (the so called primacy effect, freshness effect). Do you want everyone to work well? We have a simple recipe. Appreciation for executing a project together provides positive emotions, and it is generally known that happy employees are the best employees.

The team constitutes the motor behind each project and that is why it is important for the level of employee satisfaction to be maintained at an even level. Good workplace atmosphere constitutes one of the most desired benefits. Take care of it!

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